New York? New York!

The first sign that this expedition was not going to be all smooth-sailing was when we checked into our Bronx Airbnb and found another man sleeping in one of the apartment’s rooms. That resulted in a quick check on our Airbnb listing to see if we have booked an apartment or a room. And even […]

Collateral Damage Studios’ World Tour 2018

In a blink of an eye, our July adventures were over. We had two teams travel to two conventions far away from Singapore. Today, everyone have returned and settled back into our usual routines once more. With the end of the month in sight, it is time to wrap up our hectic July and give a round-up.

See you at Anime Expo AA C49!

It was our first ever American convention. Sure, we did the program guide cover art and a bunch of other artworks for them in 2016.


The professional and personal artwork of Space Penguin

Getting SMASHed at Sydney

We went down-under to experience our first Australian convention.

CDS0039 Dream Idol

The April Fools joke that took months to prepare. Maybe one day it will become real.

The story of Aizawa Inori

The superhero origins of Aizawa Inori. Back when we were still young and innocent.
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