Giving back

CSR is something that is a core tenet of CDS' mission. If approached, we are happy to offer our expertise for worthy causes and opportunity creation for young Singaporean artists.


A very brief update on some of the prominent works we did in early 2021 that has been released in the wild

Looking towards 2021

One last update for 2020. And let's look forward to a better 2021.

Drawing beyond the pandemic

It has been more than half a year since the pandemic started. It was easy but we are still kicking somehow.

Who is Haru?

You would have seen the character popped out in our various original artworks before. Just who is Watamori Haru?

Project Singlish Kemono

We plan to release a colouring book by Desti, featuring Singapore's fauna as cute anime girls! Like Kemono Friends but in Singlish

DORSCON Circuit Breaker

Is it only 2 months? Sure felt like a lifetime. We've gone from DORSCON Orange to Circuit Breaker but life must still go on somehow.
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