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Comics and Sequentials

By komicer, 22 Oct 2019

Comics and Sequentials

While CDS is best known for our illustration and character design work, we have done quite a bit of comics too! In fact, comics can be strongly attributed to our growth now.

One of our first doujin comics was the Burning Arisa doujin comic that was first released at the FIRST ever AFA back in 2008.

After that, there was also the 4komas that we did based on K-ON! alongside Daiyaku. These older doujin comics have since been released online for anyone to download.

Then there is also our Touhou x BRS epic which is still not online. We only printed around 100 copies of it but it was a sold-out. Nowadays, in the age of keychains, it will be hard to find a doujin circle in Singapore that does and sell fan comics.

#CDS0022b – Starry NightTouhou (c) ZUN / Shanghai AliceBRS (c) Huke/BRS Project

Posted by Collateral Damage Studios on Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Subsequently, when we professionalized, we continued to take on sequential art projects once in a while. Our portfolio page has a dedicated ‘Comics’ category that you can view. Or you can scroll downwards to check out the ones that we’ve included there!

Aizawa Inori

Inori Dayo! Episode #7

Posted by Inori Aizawa Fans on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This is perhaps our most well-known project ever. But while you might remember the animation, we actually did comics for them too! Inori Dayo! was where GreenTeaNeko honed his comic skills. There was one particular comic that was totally removed because the States side felt that it was inappropriate. Did you remember which one?

Nihongo Master

We did a number of comics for Nihongo Master in the past when we were the main artist for them. This particular one was done by Geisterstudden. Subsequently, GTN took over Nihongo Master duties till we couldn’t keep up with it anymore.


It was a relatively straight forward comic that we did here. They don’t use it on their website anymore though. Hopefully, we’ll see it online again in the future.

Fixed! Foiled! Freed! Fused!

The quartet of ‘F’ manga done for Competition (and Consumer) Commission of Singapore was done over a number of years and at different stage of the studio’s growth. When the first one was done by IdleErrant, we were only a hobby group back then!

It was widely hailed internationally as one of the best collaterals to educate the public about competition law! There should be more of such comics to come!

Toby and Belle comics

The first series was done by Space Penguin while the second series was done by WaHa. Both tells the adventures of Toby and Belle’s romance with Shilla Duty Free’s branding involved. For the second series, they did a really cool thing of animating the comics for the reader!

MOE Cyber Wellness Comic

Given how concerned everyone is about fake news, we were engaged by MOE to do a short comic to educate students on how to discern that. You can check out the main context here along with the questions.


Our client, Nadim Kobeissi wrote both an amazing software AND a fun little comic to go with it! While all the technical terms might be quite confusing at first, the comic was really fun for us to create.

And that’s a little selection of the comics we have done before. There are others that are not in the wild yet but once they are, we’ll try to showcase them here too.

From experience, comics is quite a versatile medium in bringing your message across. It can help you reach out to new audiences and make the complex much more palatable to the mainstream audience. Just look at what New Narratif is doing.

Of course, the comics that we do here tend to be more pop-culture based. It can still be used effectively to bring your message across to others.

Be it just fluffy stories or educational messages, if you wish to work with us for it, just get in touch with us via our Contact Us page. We will love to draw your comics for you.