Blog  What have we been up to?

What have we been up to?

By komicer, 1 Nov 2019

What have we been up to?

It has been quite a while since our last proper update so let’s have a simple one now. Things have been relatively low key since our return from all those overseas trip.

Read about our accounts of LA and Sydney here!

The next event on the horizon is AFA 2019. In fact, the artists had opted to try naming the booth after their planned project, Djeementia. I assume it has something to do with our common favourite, Granblue Fantasy. A proper doujin announcement will come out later…

Probably a sneak peek on what they have planned

On the commercial side of things, there were a number of note-worthy projects that we’ve completed recently. First and foremost, it was the Verifpal comic.

This comic was particularly interesting to illustrate. The script was provided by the client and in the interest of time, he even did his own typesetting. We are very grateful of him for mentioning us during his media interviews!

Another interesting project that we’ve completed was that for and Aer Lingus. With the Rugby World Cup coming up, they wanted to come up with a unique gift for the Irish team heading to Japan for the games. The final idea was to have customized magazine covers featuring the players in anime form.

Something special about this project, other than how expansive it was, was how we pull it off without our lead artists. At that point, most of us were already bogged down with our own projects and I was also stuck in reservist then.

We managed to bring in a small team of freelancers to work on the project. They are a mix of reliable regulars we’ve worked with on other projects before and fresh faces to the scene. Under the capable art direction of Pitopishi, they were able to pull off all the artworks and more within the limited timeline.

We got Pitopishi featured on NEO MAG

With that, we’ll be looking forward to working with them on other projects in the future.

This was a particularly cute illustration that Usanekorin did for Andrew Zonenberg. Even though he was already aware of how internal circuitry works due to his background, it was still quite a learning experience for him. The client’s tweet also went quite viral!

That wasn’t the most viral Twitter mention we got recently though. That honor went to OtakuVS.

For the last couple of months, we have been working with OtakuVS on the pre-production side of their upcoming animation. While we are not handling the production itself, we have been doing storyboards, character designs and visuals for them.

It has been a blast working with someone with so much passion and willingness to learn about the trade. We might be cynical veterans by now but with such creative content creators, you can’t help but be a little more excited about the massive task that we have taken up under us.

It probably help that we are not doing the heavy-lifting of animation production ourselves!

And finally, here’s a new group photo of the gang. Many thanks to Bhemfine for doing the annual photoshoot with us again!

With the opening of 195 Pearl’s Hill Cafe and Kult Kafe in the building, hopefully, the entire place will become more lively! That will certainly give our locale a much better vibe for creative work.