Blog  ZOMG! It’s a new website!

ZOMG! It’s a new website!

By komicer, 30 Jan 2019

ZOMG! It’s a new website!

It is similar but at the same time, different. For one, we are back on WordPress. The previous time we were on WordPress, the website got hacked and started displaying ads. It was pretty bad when I was promoting our anime art services to a potential client and they saw the ad on our site. I never really realized that myself till then because I had adblock on.

Nothing we did solved it and we did a hard reset to a single page site.

I will miss you

However, there are things that we can’t do on a single page, html site. SEO is trickier when most of our content are elsewhere. So after a couple of years, it is time to transit to a new site. While we are still maintaining our Behance, Artstation and Medium content, we will be self-hosting more posts of our own. Check out our all-new portfolio page which displays all the illustration and anime character design work we’ve done!

Of course, we will be putting in more security measures to deal with potential security issues.

Special thanks must go to Pricey, our long reliable friend who came up with the original design for the new site. My design wouldn’t have looked anywhere as nice as what you have done.

As we are updating this site, we’ll also be updating our team members and portfolios too. You’ll notice a significant increased in our listing of clients. New faces here include Naked Turtle and GSong-chan.

Meet Nakedturtle. Or Marnixe. She literally draws penguins for a living in the past. We really have high hopes that she will be able to produce some really wonderful art with us! And that avatar beside Nakedturtle belongs to GSong-Chan. We got to know him through Extravaganza when CDS was mentoring the NTU VAS students. He has shown tremendous progress in his art and we decided that we should invite him to join our doujin circle!

Hopefully, the new site will work for everyone! If you have any feedback or questions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the ‘Contact us’ form. Enjoy!