Blog  So you want a digital illustration internship in Singapore?

So you want a digital illustration internship in Singapore?

COVID19 Pandemic update

Tentatively, CDS is not taking in any new interns. You can read why in our latest blog update! Sorry about that!


If you are a student, interested in illustration, and want to intern for Collateral Damage Studios, you are in luck. Yes, we do take in interns!

Over the last few years, our illustration studio has been offering official internship opportunities to Singaporean students from Singapore Polytechnic’s Game Design & Development programme. Recently, we have taken in an intern from Digipen’s Illustration course and we are open to offering work opportunities to students from other institutions.

What to expect

The job scope of our interns is similar to the position of a Junior Illustrator. They assist the Senior Illustrators in their day-to-day work such as finishing up the colors, tweaking minor areas and other ad hoc tasks that come their way.

Going through a particularly tricky piece of work

Interns who have done well in their assignments are likely to be approached regularly for freelance work. If you get along well with the other artists, they might even invite you to join them in their doujin projects. Of course, we try to make sure you leave the internship with an interesting portfolio under your belt.

Art Test

Our selection process includes a short interview and an art test. For the Singapore Polytechnic students, we conducted a group art test in which everyone was given two hours to finish something relevant.

This was one of the entries selected from many. The task was to do as much as possible based of Space Penguin’s initial sketch for Shilla Duty Free.

Out of these, we select the students whom we feel will do best with us. Bonus points if they already have some kind of involvement in doujin. As a note, almost all our recent interns and ex-interns have had a booth at Doujima 2019!

Mr. 2D

Mr. 2D, for example, started out as an intern for us back in 2017. We first took notice of him when his art was on display at Singapore Polytechnic’s Anime Festival Asia booth. Singapore Polytechnic’s Game Design & Development does regular tie-ups with Anime Festival Asia to provide opportunities for their students to create games based on Anime Festival Asia’s Seika IP.

Since then, we had been eyeing Mr. 2D’s potential application to do an internship with us. Of course, just like his fellow student applicants, he still had to go through an art test with us. During the art test, he impressed us with his technical skills and perhaps more importantly, his willingness to go beyond our expectations.

After the art test, he actually finished up the artwork from home and sent us the revised version. That left quite an impression with us and we brought him in as an intern.

Today, even as he is serving our nation as an NSF, he is a good friend and part of the Granblue Fantasy clique within the doujin circle. We will be looking forward to what else he will draw with us for conventions!


Another outstanding intern is Arsonkuma. She was our Singapore Polytechnic intern in 2018. During her time in Collateral Damage Studios, her main task was to assist Space Penguin with her various projects such as Rehapp and Walkerman.

At some point, when Space Penguin, Waha, and I were out of town for a business trip, she was holding down the fort in the office with Desti. She was also a massive help when we were working on the Colouring Heaven: World of Anime edition.

I’d say that my time spent as an intern there was a truly wonderful experience. I will never forget the kindness they showed me, and the hands-on experience with those three projects was priceless as someone planning to go into freelancing in the future. And I’d highly recommend this company for any of my juniors who might share similar aspirations.

Arsonkuma’s Internship report


Heimao from Digipen just completed his internship with us recently and he has done well. When he first approached us, we didn’t really know what to expect. Haimerejzero hailed from Digipen and we have heard stories. We had high expectations of him!

To get his internship approved, we visited his school for an interview with his lecturers. We had to promise that we, as a small studio, have sufficient volume of quality work for Heimao.

I’m fairly confident that by the end of his internship, we had certainly assigned him plenty of work to do. From doing live drawing at the Sailormoon Pop-up store at 313 Somerset or illustrating full cover artworks on his own, Heimao has truly met our expectations.

Pathways Twins

After this internship I felt that I have improved on my confidence levels to follow through with the art pieces better.

Heimao’s Internship report


Currently, we have two interns within the studio assisting our lead artists with their day-to-day work and occasionally even taking up full projects themselves. One of them is a GBF fan from SP GDD and the other is from Digipen. We look forward to what they can produce for us and our clients!

If you want to work with us as an intern, contact us with a link to your resume and portfolio. If we like what we see, we will be in touch regarding how you can intern at Collateral Damage Studios.