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Project Singlish Kemono pt.2

By komicer, 26 Oct 2021

Project Singlish Kemono pt.2

Open for business!

And finally, the book is ready for sale.

For international buyers, you can get your copy from our Storenvy page.

Progress Update (Print Sample)

We just received the print sample from the printer! Finally! It should be ready for sale on our Storenvy before Christmas 2021.

Progress Update

After so many years, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the project. Kemono Singapore, our adult colouring book of anime animal characters by Desti, is finally ALMOST ready for publication. The artworks are all tentatively completed and we are already in talks with printers. We even had the book registered with NLB and got a proper ISBN.

There is only one (or two) steps left.

  1. Having someone fact-check everything within the book so that we don’t make horrible scientific errors or embarrassing typos such as “jacketfruit”
  2. Acting on those fact-checking feedback and correcting our mistakes.
  3. Redoing the entire layout within InDesign, a software that we are unfortunately not too familiar with

At our current rate, we predict the book launch should be ready end-2021. Just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any major book-related conventions then so the launch is going to have to be low key.

What is in the colouring book?

In our last post regarding the book, here is what we said. Not much has changed since then.

Partly inspired by the amazing r/Singapore reddit posts by u/Komododragon, the concept was to create a colouring book based on the local Singaporean fauna such as Otters, Boars or even the totally obscure Nudibranch Cheesecake. Of course, this being a CDS project, there is an anime twist to it. We have applied the Kemono Friends concept to each featured animal!

We have selected 30 different faunas to feature within the coloring book. These include both popular and more unknown animals that can be found in Singapore. A good number of them were featured in the news during the Circuit Breaker and we took inspiration from there.

Accompanying each anime animal artwork are some simple information regarding the animals. The data were researched by Desti as well but we are having them fact-checked so that there aren’t any avoidable mistakes within. While we are fully aware that the appeal of the book lies in the anime animal artworks, we hope that the additional facts will be interesting for the coloring enthusiasts.

What is NOT in the book?

In addition to the 30 animals, we originally planned for a couple of weirder entries. You are probably aware that we drew something for Spot the Robot Dog.

We have also unveiled an artwork we did for Jubi-Lee the whale whose skeleton now hangs in the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at NUS. While the artwork did not make it into the final book, it will certainly be interesting to release it as a special add-on to Kemono Singapore later on. Especially if we manage to get the book into the museum shop.

We also did Merlion! This one was scrapped partly because I suspect that it will be tough to get STB approval to include the Merlion officially within the book. And also, Merlion… isn’t really an animal. The art and everything was already done though!

The artwork was also repurposed as a colouring challenge for Merfish con (without the otter gijinka). I’m not sure if many people took part but at least one did!

And one last unused artwork. Featuring the mysterious (and tragically dead) Coney Island Cow.

As we go into the final leg of the book, there are a number of other non-fictional faunas that I would love to add to the book. However, in view of time and cost constraints, it would not be feasible to add them now. Off the top of my head, I’ll like to add entries such as the Singapore Special, the python and the sambar deer.

Preview the book!

Last year, we released a couple of pages as a preview to the book. These pages can still be downloaded off Gumroad!

How to buy the book?

As of now, Kemono Singapore will sell on our online store. When conventions are a thing again, we will most likely sell it through the CDS booth there. Ideally, I would like to sell some of it through book stores… if they would just get back to me. We should be selling each book at 20 USD (or around 25 SGD)

Each book will have 62 pages of colouring page goodness. All the pages, even the cover, will be printed on a matt paper material which is perfect for colouring. Be it with copics, colouring pencils or even water colour.