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Kemono Singapore

By komicer, 19 Dec 2021

Kemono Singapore

Kemono Singapore is an anime colouring book featuring a collection of 30 selected Singaporean faunas that have been reimagined by CDS artist, Desti as anthromorphic anime characters. Each artwork is also accompanied by some simple scientifically accurate information about the animal. You can be sure of an enjoyable, relaxing and even educational time with this book!

Cover photo for Kemono Singapore, an anime animal colouring book

The front cover features some of the characters that Desti drew!

This anime animal coloring book is the result of years of brainstorming and creative production from Desti and we are proud to finally release it for sale. You can purchase the coloring book online for 20 USD from our Storenvy page or Etsy. If you happen to visit a bazaar or convention where CDS is participating, you can also buy the book from us in person for 25 SGD.

Sneak Preview

If you are curious about what goes into the book and would like to have a sneak preview, we have also released some sample colouring pages online. You can download them directly from our Gumroad below.

The Gumroad features three out of the 30 artworks that Desti has done for this book. There’s also a bonus artwork that never made it into our final version!

It is free to download these files but it will be amazing if you give a little tip as encouragement!

The robotic dog was planned as an omake originally but we took it out in the end.

The concept

We covered the concept in earlier blog posts but it is useful to have the information on the main Kemono Singapore ‘product’ page going forward.

Partly inspired by the amazing r/Singapore reddit posts by u/Komododragon, the concept was to create an anime colouring book based on the local Singaporean fauna such as Otters, Boars or even the totally obscure Nudibranch Cheesecake. Of course, this being a CDS project, there is an anime twist to it. We have applied the Kemono Friends concept to each featured animal!

Eurasian Tree Sparrow artwork from Kemono Singapore, an anime animal coloring book.

To that end, we have created 30 artworks in total, excluding the abandoned concepts such as that of Spot the Robot Dog, the tragically deceased Coney Island Cow and even the Merlion. These are a selection of animals ranging from the popular otters, the elusive pangolins and other obscure ones too! The number of wildlife related news report during the COVID19 Circuit Breaker also helped to inspire a good number of animal choices!

Each of these artworks have some basic scientific information accompanying them. These information (and some of the artworks!) had been fact-checked by a friend of ours in the scientific field so they are as accurate as we can be make it be!

Photo of Leopard Cat, an entry within Kemono Singapore, an anime animal colouring book

The Leopard Cat is one of the obvious choices Desti made! Since nekomimi

The artist

For some of you, Desti is a familiar name. An incredible Miku stan, she is a regular Picarto streamer with a decent following of her own. She has contributed colouring pages for Colouring Heaven and Lake Coloring too. Her distinctive shoujo-ish style strongly stands apart from our more conventional anime artists such as WaHa.

We wanted to take advantage of Desti’s experience in creating for colouring books and develop a product of our own. While there are plenty of adult colouring books out there in the market, few of them are anime AND ‘Singapore’. So we figured that it will be interesting to create something that combines our strength in anime and our Singapore locale. Thus the concept for ‘Kemono Singapore’ as a Singapore-focused, anime animal coloring book was born.

Buy our book!

As stated at the start of the product page, you can purchase the coloring book online for 20 USD from our Storenvy page or you can get it on Etsy too! If you happen to visit a bazaar or convention where CDS is participating, you can also buy the book from us in person for 25 SGD.

Special Thanks

Creating this book involved many people beyond just Desti (the artist!) and Komicer (the producer)

Special thanks to Chace for helping us with fact-checking the scientific information. Without your help, there will be so many embarrassing mistakes such as ‘jacketfruit’ or having the civet cat just looking wrong.

Special thanks to Marnixe for helping us with the layout of the book and teaching us InDesign. It was not a software we are normally familiar with and your help totally saved us.

At the same time, we cannot forget our interns who had assisted in some of the artworks for the animals! They are Egg, Koolydragon, Ariel Tan and Kawasaki. This anime colouring book would not have been completed without your help.

Coloured by K.D.!