Blog  The 2023 halftime check-in

The 2023 halftime check-in

By komicer, 21 Jun 2023

The 2023 halftime check-in

Time flies. 2023 flew especially fast.

2023 is also quite a significant year for us as it marks one decade of operations for the professional team. One decade since Inori Aizawa. Will you imagine that? We have been drawing anime artworks professionally for ten years now. Other than just anime artworks, we have done all sorts of projects from animating, live-drawing, western style work, medical instructional art and more.

We’ve have to admit that things have been quite slow for us for the year so far. However, we are still hard at work!

Earlier in 2023 saw the release of Curiously Cute Manga. Or Creepy Cuties. It really depends on which part of the world you are at. At this point of time, we have started work on another set of colouring pages for a new collection. This time, it will feature the works of Poopiepuff and WaHa. Still early days at the moment but we’ll show that one off when the time arrives!

There were also new Otafest artworks that were showcased. It was early but we have done more artworks for Otafest! Other than the artworks for Otafest 2024, WaHa also did a T-shirt design for the convention. Instead of Endwalker, we have Conwalker.

We also did a couple of work related to Vtubers. VReverie is a Singapore-based vtuber agency. For the debut for their latest generation of vtubers, Usanekorin did a massive illustration to showcase everyone!

Another interesting illustration that we’ve done was the one for Terra HiFi by Usanekorin.

From working with agencies we also work with indies for their artworks. It has been a pleasure for us to work with Techy Cutie for her short animated gif loop. While the studio is no longer actively working on long form animation (like the IE one), shorter animation is within our capability.

Between this and the one we did for Faye, we’re open to doing more animated gifs for others. If you are looking for short animated loops for your vtuber opening or others, just drop us an email.

Finally, a number of our clients have also found success on Kickstarter!

Poopiepuff have been contributing short tutorials for Colorpedia since the first volume. We are very pleased to see that their Kickstarters have all been very successful.

WaHa and our junior artists have also been contributing creature designs for Dyskami’s range of Anime 5e TTRPG. You can check out their designs for creatures such as Bile Imp Noble.

If you are looking for artworks for your project and would like to work with a professional team of experienced artists, be sure to get in touch with us. You can either reach out to us via our Contact Us page or you can email us directly at