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Project Singlish Kemono pt.1

By komicer, 14 May 2020

Project Singlish Kemono pt.1


After so long, the book is finally almost ready!

Just one last round of scientific fact-checking and we’ll be ready for publishing in June 2021!

Now for the rest of the older article

Let’s get the main prize out of the way first.

Here’s the Gumroad for you to download all the colouring book pages that we are releasing! You just have to download these files and print them out. Then colour them in whatever way you want!

It is free to download these files but it will be amazing if you give a little tip as encouragement!

We are using Gumroad instead of a direct download link here because we want your emails. One day, this colouring book will be released to the public and an email will be our best means of updating you about how you can get them.

These are just three pages out of the at-least-twenty pages that we hope to have in the final version! We hope that you like the concept and artwork. Do give us some further suggestions on what other fauna we should adapt.

The Concept

Partly inspired by the amazing r/Singapore reddit posts by u/Komododragon, the concept was to create a colouring book based on the local Singaporean fauna such as Otters, Boars or even the totally obscure Nudibranch Cheesecake. Of course, this being a CDS project, there is an anime twist to it. We have applied the Kemono Friends concept to each featured animal!

The artwork for the Cheesecake Nudibranch was actually released much earlier because we licensed it to Anthem Publishing for their 2020 Calendar. Their art director, Jenny Cook, actually gave us quite a bit of good advice on how the art can be improved. We hope that if she gets our book at the end of the day, she will find it most satisfying!

The first artwork that we’ve actually finished was that of the Sparrow back in 2019. You can even spot WaHa’s take on the sparrows on our sticker pack.

The following Hornbill and Otter are popular faunas that we included within this batch of free colouring pages for preview purposes. However, it’s not just the popular animals that we are featuring within the eventual publication. Desti has made it a point to include some really odd choices to highlight the diversity of fauna on our little island.

Beyond just the popular animals, you will also find entries such as the Civet Cat, Squirrel and Owl. What other oddball choices should we also include within the book?

We are also including a little section to Spot the Robot Dog.

The Artist

For some of you, Desti is a familiar name. An incredible Miku stan, she is a regular Picarto streamer with a decent following of her own. She has contributed colouring pages for Colouring Heaven and soon, Lake Coloring too. Her distinctive shoujo-ish style strongly stands apart from our more conventional anime artists such as WaHa.

With Singlish Kemono Friends (tentative project name), we are attempting to develop a new product of our own for ourselves. Building on Desti’s experience, we thought that a colouring book will be something that falls nicely into what we can produce.

While there are plenty of adult colouring books out there in the market, few of them are anime or ‘Singapore’. So we figured that it will be interesting to create something that combines our strength in anime and our Singapore locale. Thus the concept was born.

Over the last year, Desti has been working on this project on an on-and-off progress. However, with the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, our incoming commercial work has slowed down. Thus, we are putting an accelerator onto this project now.

Schedule and launch

Right now, our schedule is to launch the book at one of the local art book fairs later in 2020. Assuming there are still art book fairs within the year, of course. It can be Doujima, Singapore Art Book Fair or even Illustration Art Festival. We will also try to introduce the book to be sold in local book stores such as Kinokuniya, Basheer or even Popular Book Store. If you are a rep of these stores, do get in touch with us!

Otherwise, the book will still be released for online purchase on our web-store. We have not set a price for the book yet but we are most likely looking at a minimum price of 30 SGD (or 25 USD).

Thank you for making your way down to the end of this long article. Thank you for your interest and your support for Desti! Here’s a final sneak preview of another artwork within the book!

The Civet Cat!