Farewell 2022. Hello 2023.

2022 is on the way out. Let's have a fond look back at how the year was.

2022 half-time check-in

It is the half time mark for 2022. What are some of the new anime artworks that our team of illustrators have done so far?

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year from CDS! May we all huat for 2022!

Happy Holidays

It's the End of the Year 2021! Time for a round up of our monthly highlights!

Kemono Singapore

Kemono Singapore is an anime colouring book by Desti. Featuring a collection of 30 Singaporean animals reimagined as cute anime characters!

Giving back

CSR is something that is a core tenet of CDS' mission. If approached, we are happy to offer our expertise for worthy causes and opportunity creation for young Singaporean artists.