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Curiously Cute Manga

By komicer, 30 Mar 2023

Curiously Cute Manga

curiously cute manga cover art

Collateral Damage Studios was in charge of two-thirds of this horror-manga themed colouring book published by MOM Books! While horror was the name of the game, there’s also a good element of cuteness embedded into the artworks too! The general art direction and concept was set by Desti while Poopiepuff contributed a good number of artworks for the book. Can you tell which artworks were done by who?

Mushroom maniac by Desti

Steampunkish cyborg close-up by Poopiepuff

There were many more artworks that were completed but did not end up in the final book! Those were the scarier ones.

You can get copies of Curiously Cute Manga at Amazon UK here! Alternatively, if you are in the States, you can consider getting Creepy Cuties Manga instead.

You can check out more artworks from the book here.