Blog  DORSCON Complete Circuit Breaker to Phase 1

DORSCON Complete Circuit Breaker to Phase 1

This comic was done by Setsuri.

It felt like a blink of an eye. At the same time, it felt like an eternity. Time flows really strangely nowadays as the world still seem to be engulfed in the pandemic crisis. We saw our local number of cases skyrocketed upwards to numbers we couldn’t imagine possible previously.

The last day of the Circuit Breaker came around but then, the government decided to do a COMPLETE Circuit Breaker and extended the soft-lockdown by another month. Then when that came around, Phase 1 was initiated.

Of course, as mentioned before, CDS have been working-from-home since DORSCON Orange back in Feb 2020. It is unlikely to change until the overall situation downgrades to DORSCON Yellow or something lighter. CB, CCB or no CB at all, nothing is normal but we try to continue working (and living) as normally as possible.

Surprisingly enough, because the studio was registered with the primary business activity of ‘Art and Graphic Design services (SSIC 741)‘, we are technically allowed to resume work in our Chinatown studio. With all the necessary precautions, of course. However, given that our space is really small, there is no way we can do any social distancing in there.

So here’s another life update on what our team have been doing from home during these insane times!


This is a really cool project that Usanekorin has been working on for MONTHS and the announcement has renewed our motivation on getting the best artworks out for this game.

A couple of years back, Shadow Boss had encouraged us to send our portfolio over to Level99 Games as our usual portfolio of work was very suitable for their line of anime-inspired games. Our occasional portfolio updates to them paid off when they asked if we wanted to work with them on this game. The opportunity to work on a whole new boardgame was too big for us to pass on.

Fast forward to now. It was really, really cool of them to credit Usanekorin on the box itself. We don’t see a lot of other companies do that for the lead artists.

To add to this, the Kickstarter was launched on 19 May and it was fully funded within TWO hours. This was an amazing experience and a real morale-booster.


I’ve always wanted to have the team involved in local comics and we’ve been talking to the Fandom Menace for a while regarding such an opportunity. We were provided with an interesting (and rather dark!) script by Jedd Jong.

It was quite an experience for us to work on comics with locals. The Kickstarter is was not fully funded yet but we are sure that with enough support, it will be one hell of a comic to get your hands on. Featuring a whole assortment of local creative talents, don’t miss your chance to support them!

Defenders of Singapore PinChain

Another local company that we have been keen on working with for the longest period of time has been Miniature Stories. We first met Caleb and Terra during STGCC 2017 and had kept the conversation going. Finally, it was time to unveil the project we completed!

Having gotten our complimentary set from them, we can assure you that the quality of these pins are great. There’s a certain weight to them! The pins as a whole feels really solid.

You can find the products here!

The Otachan Show Episode 2

Last but not least of our commercial works, Episode 2 of Ota-chan has been released!

It has been quite a while since we have had a hand in actual animation production. Storyboarding is not actual production but still, it’s pretty cool to see how everything had progressed so much.

Maybe we’ll start doing some other animation for OtakuVS soon…

In-house updates

The last blog post, we documented some of the internal works that we are doing. Here are some updates on those!

Project Singlish Kemono

Progress for this one has been going steadily. We are slowly filling up more pages so that when we actually get around to releasing it, it will be a substantial collection worth its price.

The release of the colouring pages on Gumroad has been listed by The Smart Local and HoneyCombers so we are quite thankful of it. Colouring Heaven has also graciously shared it on their Facebook page to their followers!

Given that Spot the Robotic Dog has been in the headlines for a while, we’ve decided to add a special page for it. This one might not make it into the final product but you can still get the page off the Gumroad!

Simone Lim!

WaHa has completed the artwork! The response to it has been great and we finally got some coverage from Geek Culture too. We can’t wait to see the final T-shirt!

Managed to get ourselves listed on! For a while, we have been wondering if collectives can be listed there but since they let Highnunchicken in, we figured why not? You might notice a new CCCS comic cover teased over there. It’s not exactly released yet but once it is, you’ll be sure to see a new entry over at our portfolio page.

In Conclusion

The situation doesn’t seem to be changing any moment soon. We forsee that the coming months might be even tougher than the CB period since there will be less governmental support while the situation in our international market isn’t improving.

There are still a number of bright spots (as mentioned above) though! Times like these, we take whatever small victories we can get!