Portfolio  The Ota-chan Show Pre-production

The Ota-chan Show Pre-production

By komicer, 24 Mar 2021

The Ota-chan Show Pre-production

When OtakuVS approached us to do the production for his brainchain, the Ota-chan show, we immediately rejected him on the account that we are trying to avoid animation production. However, we were interested in pre-production work such as for storyboarding and character design. So that’s what we did in the end (on top of casual consultation!)


One of the first things I asked Team OtakuVS to do was to watch Shirobako. It was an incredibly fun experience to walk with them on their animation journey and experiencing second-hand trauma from all their painful hijinks. And of course, when everything is completed, the final animation was magnificent. Kudos to Studio Yuraki for pulling off our storyboards!

Check out our WIPs for them on our Behance!