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Rise of Third Power

By komicer, 29 Jan 2019

Rise of Third Power

Rise of Third Power (R3P) is an indie game developed by Stegosoft Games on the RPG Maker engine. During the creation of their first game, Ara Fell, the idea behind R3P was already growing within the creator’s mind. When CDS approached them regarding any character design or CG work in 2016, they decided to work with us to develop the character designs of their next game.

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Rise of Third Power launched its Kickstarter on 20 Mar 2018 and was successfully funded on 8 Apr 2018. As of 19 Apr 2018, the Kickstarter raised a total of 14,166 USD. We wish Stephen and the rest of the Stegosoft development team all the best in making the game a reality!

Check out all the character designs that was done on our Behance entry!