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Aether Captains

By komicer, 29 Jan 2019

Aether Captains

When we first approached MAGE Company regarding our services, this was not exactly what we expected. Prior to its publication under MAGE Company, Aether Captains is a print-to-play game with their own extensive lore. It is a vastly different project from what we are normally used to and for that, we agreed to work on it.

While there are human characters to be designed and illustrated, the stars of the game were the steampunk airships that popular the skies of their world. There were two grand naval warships, HSS Dominion and HSS Dauntless. They were the good guys of this world. There are also the rag-tag bunch of air pirates and smugglers with their smaller but still deadly airships.

box cover

One day, we hope to receive our copy of the game!

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