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Anime of the Decade Awards

By komicer, 23 Sep 2020

Anime of the Decade Awards

It has been our pleasure to have worked with Anime Trending to create their special illustrations for the Anime of the Decade awards. I must admit that I was slightly disappointed that there was no clean sweep of the awards by Kyoto Animation.

Tasked with doing the art for the Champions (K-ON!) and Runner-ups (A place further than the Universe), the work was divided between our two anime-styled artists.

K-ON is the champion

Given how close his art is to the classic Kyoto Animation look, WaHa took the K-ON! artwork.

YoriMoi is the runner-up. But still winners.

While Usanekorin handled the artwork for YoriMoi. He also handled the backdrop that was used across both artworks.

The artworks can be downloaded in high res at the Anime Trending website. You can also check out the WIPs over at Artstation here and here.

Update! GSong also got the opportunity to draw the winning lead characters of the decade!

Haciman and Shouko