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By komicer, 28 Jun 2020


A character mascot is perfect for presenting a more friendly face to your product. Especially if it is a very useful software that is rather complicated and somewhat intimidatingly full of text.

Our client, Nadim Kobeissi thought just that. To that end, we are hired to design a character and draw a comic for this new software, Verifpal.

You can check out more about the project on our Behance. Or you can also visit the Verifpal website directly.

© Copyright 2019-2019 Nadim Kobeissi. All Rights Reserved. “Verifpal” and the “Verifpal” logo/mascot are registered trademarks of Nadim Kobeissi. Published by Symbolic Software.

This legendary studio helped bring my most ambitious research project to life with incredible illustrations.

Super talented, timely work.
Nadim Kobeissi, Symbolic Software