Blog  Space Penguin’s art of backgrounds

Space Penguin’s art of backgrounds

By komicer, 30 Jul 2017

Space Penguin’s art of backgrounds

The unsung heroes for illustrations

Space Penguin has been one of our most prolific illustrators in the team. She is also one of the most versatile artists, capable of doing anything from character design to environmental artworks.

We knew Space Penguin since she was with the doujin circle for years. Having worked with her on both doujin and client work, we knew what to expect from her. So later on, we asked her to join the corporate anime art studio mainly to cover our weakness in doing background art (though she does other work for us as well!)

For this blog post, we profile her excellent work in backgrounds over the years. Here are some of our favourites!

Anime Festival Asia animation and backdrop, 2014

Background variations for AFA 2014 animation
Sunset along Singapore River with AFA-Mech

Over the Hills and Far Away, 2015

Abandoned Barn
Forest Greenery

Penang Anime Matsuri backdrop, 2015

Matsuri streets

Anime Festival Asia animation, 2015

Environment and concept art for stage
Exterior of Suntec City

Ikeda Spa animation, 2016

Front entrance to Ikeda Spa, Bukit Timah Branch
Interior of the indoor onsen

Heroforge‚Äôs Chibify, 2017

Japanese streets
Sakura trees
Train crossing

The Voyage Down South, 2017

Chinese harbour
As a projection during the performance
Historical Chinatown
As a projection during performance

First4Figures Spyro Exclusive, 2017

Compose an anime street scene, 2019

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Want to learn from how Space Penguin does her backgrounds? Just download the basic tutorial from the Gumroad link below!