Portfolio  Viber Happy SG50 Sticker Pack

Viber Happy SG50 Sticker Pack

By komicer, 29 Jan 2019

Viber Happy SG50 Sticker Pack

It is not often that we get the chance to do something different and THIS definitely qualifies for ‘different’.

We were offered the opportunity to conceptualize and design a sticker pack for Viber using their characters, Violet, DJ & Legcat around the theme of SG50. So cue all the very Singaporean SG50 things such as Merlion, songs about Singapore and of course, national parade.

Together with the agency, Galixo, we came up with a list of SG50-themed concepts that have not already been done in previous Singapore-themed sticker packs to work from. On hindsight, there are certain iconic images that we could have included such as the Dragon playground. If it had been announced a couple of days earlier, we would also have included a sticker about the now-UNESCO-World-Heritage-Site Botanic Gardens!

Viber Happy SG50 Stickers

To check out more about the series of vector art we did for Viber, you can read our write-up on Behance!