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By komicer, 28 Apr 2021


It has been a year since Circuit Breaker. In a way, the pandemic felt like it has went away. In other ways, nothing much else has changed. You really do get used to the new normal. The studio has been operating on a WFH model for over a year now. While productivity isn’t as much as I would like, the studio is still surviving somehow.

Getting paid to draw fanart

We’ve gotten quite a bit of projects under our belt since our last update. Some of these allowed us to officially draw IPs that we wouldn’t normally get to work with.

Perhaps the most prominent of which is the art that WaHa did for Kaomoji, seen here as the front post of our last #portfolioday. We’ve gotten a CFM approved Miku art! We’ll certainly be looking forward to receiving our Miku Expo shirts.

A new expansion pack for Bullet ❤, featuring the heroines of Orange Juice 100%, was also released. This has been quite an interesting project for Usanekorin.

Right now, we can count on My Little Pony, Warhammer, Miku Expo, Orange Juice 100%, Disney’s Mulan, Dark Souls and Spyro as IPs we have worked on on an official basis before! That’s pretty cool.

On the original front…

WaHa and Desti were involved in an Amazon advertisement. WaHa did some of the storyboarding for this one while Desti was the artist of the monster.

From advertising to editorial, Poopiepuff’s massive deep sea horrors artwork was published by Current Affairs.

Poopiepuff also drew for the governmental project to highlight environmental initiatives taken up by the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment.

And also background artworks for vtubers!

Even cool key visuals for Youtubers!

More coming up for 2021

2021 isn’t particularly eventful at the moment. However, things seem to be gearing up soon. It’s all rather exciting and we even brought in Pitopishi to join us and lead this new project. Let’s hope everything will go smoothly and we’ll get to see everyone back in the studio soon!

In the meantime, we will still be drawing anime for ourselves and for our clients!