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Fused! Manga

By komicer, 29 Jan 2019

Fused! Manga

Fused! wasn’t the first comic that we did for Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore and hopefully it won’t be the last. The Competition manga series aims to inform the reader about existing Competition Law and Regulations to the readers.

The main storyline for Fused! was conceptualized years ago. Two issues ago in fact when we were working on the story for Foiled!. At that point of time, we had already done a comic on Cartels and were working on a comic on Monopoly. It was a logical assumption that the next comic will be on the last tenet of competition law, Mergers.

Recently, we’ve also updated all of CCCS manga to fit their new name and branding.

To view more of the art created for the manga, go to our Behance entry for Fused!