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Fringe benefit: Gets to ask WaHa to do sketches

Want to join the team?

The team is currently open to accepting new artists. If you think you can be one of us, email ohayo@collateralds.com to tell us why you think that is so.

As part of the team, you will be expected to contribute to our doujin projects and to help out in our efforts during community events locally (and the occasional overseas event). 

Read on to find out more

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The silver lining of an unfortunate incident

Pride and Prejudice: Art theft and non-theft

So one often read about art theft. It’s not something new and on our part, we had our fair share of it. While doing my research for this, I tried to access some of the old links containing instances when our art was stolen. Unfortunately, those links seem to be down. So what we have are here: Someone trying to sell T-shirts based on ours (and Daiyaku’s) artwork and another person trying to pass off Haimerejzero’s artwork for his own.

Art theft is a sticky topic and I suspect what I will say will be relatively shallow. But let’s try to establish a proper CDS stance on this nasty topic, ya?

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The Wicked Eye commands you

The EOY Quest

EOY is traditionally the last local event of the year that everyone ‘looks’ forward to. It is also the event with the inauspicious luck of always clashing with other events or having problems. There are plenty of problems and complaints about EOY this time round. The unfortunate act by a single investor and the amazing luck of going head-to-head with L2P.

Regardless of all the problems and complaints, as the End-of-Year, it signifies one last hurrah for the ani-manga fan community to get together one last time and as a tradition, CDS is there once more.

Unlike past years, it is free entry this time and at Marina Barrage of all places. They have also set up a questing system where you can win stuffs and scan QR codes. It is pretty interesting stuff for an indie-oriented, generally smaller scale event.

Before you read on to our experience this time round, one last announcement. CDS will be over at Comic Fiesta (with Surface) and Comiket towards the end of the year. If you happen to be in KL or Tokyo then, try and find us!

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