About CDS

The first Kaleidoscope back in 2007 saw CDS’ debut as an initiative by a group of art enthusiasts with lofty dreams of conquering the local illustration scene with their unique pop-culture-inspired art direction and to promote local art talents to the Singapore community.

Through their artworks, they hope to inspire creativity and generations of artists, making the world a prettier place for the eyes. Over the years, CDS grew in strength to be a popular and well-regarded team of artists, actively engaging with the community and producing high quality illustrations for their fans while having plenty of fun!

Now, as an indie studio with a large international following online, CDS works closely with companies and agencies to create beautiful concept illustrations and popular branding visuals. At the same time, CDS continues to pursue their original vision through their active involvement and support for community-led platforms for illustrators such as Extravaganza.

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