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You could have made a contract with me there!

Extravagance at Extravaganza

Extravaganza first started in 2009 after taking in three relatively similar art-oriented events in Singapore under one umbrella. Graphite, Ink! and of course, CDS’ Kaleidoscope. Two times in AFA SG later, we stopped. NUS CAS and NTU VAS went on to focus on their student body matters while us, CDS went on to do more doujins.

So it was with some surprise when the students from NUS CAS and NTU VAS approached us once more, three years after the last Extravaganza to be more involved in the exhibition once more. Well, why not?

And so, with one more organizer in toll, we delve once more into the mad caper of putting our little celebration to illustration arts once more.

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Welcome to STGCC! Have an Aza photo!

STGCC: Friendship is danmaku

STGCC! This year sort of mark the ‘return of the West with Vengeance’ through the incredibly strong Marvel presence and who can forget that Ironman Hall of Armor. Good stuffs. Very awesome stuffs that tickles the fancies of geeks and nerds.

What about our usual base of otakus? The offerings are admittedly smaller and the Japanese presence, not as much. In fact, instead of a Japanese cosplayer, we got a Korean one instead. Not that we cared THAT much about their nationality. Good cosplay is good cosplay.

So these said, how is CDS’ STGCC? We, a VERY anime-centric doujin circle, setting up booth at STGCC and all.

Well, it went pretty well. This STGCC saw a nice little experiment since we chose to do something based on Western fandoms instead. So read on about our experience!

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Reimu and Rarity are best pouhou

STGCC! Here we come!

STGCC. A fusion of East and West that is liked for some but just not enough of either for the hardcore fans.

This does mean a clash of fandoms and like the rest of STGCC, yes, we will have a clash of fandoms!

Touhou VS My Little Pony!

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