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You thought we'd already crawled in a corner to die, didnt you?

Double penetration weekend!

This coming weekend (which is tomorrow actually. Late post is late.), we will witness an epic clash of events. For some reason, mega animanga show Mascot Parade will happen on Saturday over at *Scape Park, Orchard, while old cosplayers’-favorite event, Cosfest IX will be happening over the weekend at Downtown East. Which one to go to? The animanga community questions itself. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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Just as Keikaku.

Stay cool.

So! remaining items left to change and amend are the Top banner (which is now 3 years old ._.), archive of the products, and gallery for the active artists of CDS.

Do take note that we will be posting stuff about upcoming events soon (i.e, next week), so stay tuned for the reboot of the CDS site!

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Is this thing on?! Hello? Anybody there? Look's like it's working fine!

I love it when a plan comes together

Is this thing on?! Hello? Anybody there? Look’s like it’s working fine!

Alright then, the site’s up and running and it’s my first time coding up a theme from scratch!

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