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Whats this? An advert in my CDS?

We’ll be right back, after THIS commercial.

You know something is up when we’re gushing over something that’s not made by us.  Its been a long time since we’ve seen something with so much spunk appear on the local doujin scene, so heres a shoutout and shameless plug for Teru-teru’s debut doujin CD: Bento event, coming to you this EOY!

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Let the invasion begin!

AFA X: Invasion of the invaders

As I said in an earlier post, AFA meant a lot of things for different people. You will either like it a lot or you might find it disappointing. Some will find faults while others will just gush about how wonderful EVERYTHING is. You should probably read everything before coming to an opinion. AFA X isn’t perfect even if the organizers deserves credit for pulling it off. Now, we shall not dwell upon these serious stuffs since that’s probably not what you are really here for, deshou?

For us at CDS, AFA X was fun. Truly, truly, sincerely fun. And perhaps, for us, that is what matters most.

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Beautiful voice we have here

#CDS0021: 花より声 Voice Over Flowers

A set of prints dedicated towards the special guest of AFA X, Kana Hanazawa and the wide range of characters she gave her beautiful voice to.

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