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Your browser will never look so serene

Inori Aizawa – The sequel

It is a matter of time anyway.

Ever since THAT last post, there has been many things going on in the background. The response to our first few posts was pretty good and we were constantly adding new things to our freebie pack. We know that it has caught the attention of some people at Big Blue. Before we know it, we were talking and making plans. Things just grew bigger and bigger.

And now, a couple of months later, after a couple of us decided to throw in our lot, take the risk and see what comes out of it, here you have it. The results of months of hard work, brainstorming, arguments and hand-wringing. Involving a cast of many, many people from various aspects of the community/industry and with many thanks from Microsoft, CDS presents to you our greatest achievement unlock. Inori Aizawa.

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Is your body ready for AFA?

Prepare for AFA 2013

Anime Festival Asia has always been that ONE event of the year that we eye very eagerly. For pure anime fandom, for all those anime stars, for all the fun, AFA still reigns supreme. This is that one event that the concentration of anime otakus is over the limit and for that, we bring you some of our bigger doujin ‘blockbusters’. Plus, this AFA is particularly significant too. You’ll see.

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That means "The Last Hope".

#CDS0037: Shingeki no Kyojin Tribute Fanbook: die letzte hoffnung

Shingeki no Kyojin boasts a unique art direction, a gritty story that does not shy away from brutality, an epic soundtrack and plenty of fan favorite characters. Such as Levi, Mikasa, colossal titan and Levi.

With its popularity both with illustrators and cosplayers, it is no surprise that we will be doing something on this eventually. Plus, AFA is going to feature SnK as one of their featured anime. That means some awesome guests from the anime is going to make an appearance! We can’t wait for the announcement proper.

So this is an absolutely unique fanbook in that it contains both illustrations and cosplay photography. A brainchild of Haimerejzero, he has roped in the artists from Collateral Damage Studios and his cosplaying contacts to bring to you a total fan tribute to this massive anime.

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