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Warming up for the run: ACME and ICDS

To think that just one week before the MAJOR debut of Superscenic 2, we have two more conventions back to back to attend to. When you have events so close to each other, you are just asking to be compared. Both compete with each other for attendees but to a certain extent, they also complements each other. After all, ICDS covers the cosplay aspects of fandom and ACME, the consumer side of things.

Either ways, CDS is going to both. Because we can and we do think that locally-run events are opportunities for the community to gather and worth supporting. Plus, we need a venue to take Superscenic 2 preorders.

Going by chronological order, ACME.

This is the fourth year for ACME and they just keep getting more and more interesting. They managed to get some particularly interesting guests this year.

They’ve got Yanagi Nagi, singer of Ano Natsu de Matteru ED and  Jormungand ED. Then they’ve got Suzuhira Hiro, a pretty impressive concept artist. Apparently, you need to buy $100 worth of her artworks to qualify for her signature. She is THAT big.

Really nice artworks here. Almost make me want to drop $100.

Anyway, so let’s go down to the meat of it all! First and foremost, we’ll be starting the pre-orders for Superscenic 2 there! Just drop by our booth and place your $1 deposit with us. You can then collect the book from us on STGCC itself. Why preorder? Because it gives you a slightly cheaper price and more goodies. Plus, if you shared our post on Facebook or retweeted us, you stand to get it for the super-low price of $1 along with all our autographs. 

Not that our autographs are THAT valuable of course. You don’t have to drop $100 to get us to sign on our own books. ^_^ You just have to find us one by one.

Don’t forget to download our Superscenic 2 wallpaper!

Next, we have badges of the highly popular series, Sword Art Online. GreenTeaNeko can’t stop talking about it and have been trying to get me to watch it. Well, I did. And I enjoyed it a lot too.

Taking that forward, he is producing a set of Sword Art Online can badges featuring the favorite characters from the anime. In a twist, he has also produced some limited edition badges which can only be gotten through a lucky dip. If you want kibamimi Kirito or nekomimi Asuna, give it a shot! The odds are pretty good.

As a heads up, when the stocks go low, something very interesting will happen.

All these, on top of the Nisemonogatari book and Unlimited Touhou Hunter book, if you missed those during Cosfest. You can expect a pretty interesting selection over at the CDS booth.

Coming up close on the heels of ACME is ICDS. Or as I prefer to call it: I <3 CDS. I figured that if they are happy to name an event after us, we feel obliged to be there.

In all seriousness, ICDS stands for International Cosplay Day Singapore. Robots gone bad did a pretty good write-up about them. With famous English-speaking cosplayers such as Yaya Han and Jerry Polence heading our way, doujin takes a back seat to good ol’ cosplay. Or is it?

There are still plenty of doujin booths around and we are one of them. Of course, you are still pre-order Superscenic 2 then and buy whatever we happen to bring over on that day. On top of everything, we are doing some pretty fun stuffs just for ICDS.

Tools of the trade

We did some live drawing for Oglivy in the past and Faber Castell decided to get us directly this time. We will be doing a live drawing demo at selected timings over at the Faber Castell booth. Come down, take photos and convince us to add a little something from you into the artwork (which will most likely be displayed over at the Faber Castell store at Orchard ION once completed.)

Since this is NOT a fully anime-centric event, we are doing a couple of more cosplay-themed products.

Tony Stark cosplaying as Captain America and Steve Rogers cosplaying as Ironman.

We might be anime-centric as a group, but we still like our western fandoms. Especially Setsuri who loves to take about the Avengers or Batman. So for this ICDS, we have the two biggest names in Avengers cosplaying as each other. Only $6 for both badges. If you can’t make it for ICDS, we are actually having these at ACME as well.

Jerry Polence in art

Yaya Han is not the only cosplayer having herself immortalized in art. I figured that we should do something too and after some talks with the ICDS organisers, we did an illustration of Jerry Polence’s classic fairy cosplay. VERY LIMITED amount of this print will go on sale at ICDS for $20 each at our CDS booth.

So it’s an active weekend for you to look forward to and plenty for us to rush around frantically! Go for ACME; Go for ICDS; Go for both! Hope to see you there~

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