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The EOY Quest

EOY is traditionally the last local event of the year that everyone ‘looks’ forward to. It is also the event with the inauspicious luck of always clashing with other events or having problems. There are plenty of problems and complaints about EOY this time round. The unfortunate act by a single investor and the amazing luck of going head-to-head with L2P.

Regardless of all the problems and complaints, as the End-of-Year, it signifies one last hurrah for the ani-manga fan community to get together one last time and as a tradition, CDS is there once more.

Unlike past years, it is free entry this time and at Marina Barrage of all places. They have also set up a questing system where you can win stuffs and scan QR codes. It is pretty interesting stuff for an indie-oriented, generally smaller scale event.

Before you read on to our experience this time round, one last announcement. CDS will be over at Comic Fiesta (with Surface) and Comiket towards the end of the year. If you happen to be in KL or Tokyo then, try and find us!

So many Kyubeys… and that macho Kyubey is out there too

Doing a kuji has been something we’ve been thinking of doing for a while and GreenTeaNeko had gone ahead to give it a try. It was a pretty fun experiment and seems like all the hard work paid off in the end. Not just that, we also volunteered to create a macho Kyubey to go terrorize EOY town.

Did you managed to slay the Kyubey and rescue those neko magi? From feedback, it is surprisingly easy. The quest is supposed to center around a conflict between hope and chaos and yada yada. However, seems like whichever faction you choose, you still need to slay macho Kyubey. Which comes to show that he is more likely to be chaotic neutral than anything.

By the way, did anyone know which side won? There doesn’t seem to be much differentiation on either sides.

During AFA, I had lament about the lack of Chuunibyou cosplayers. This time, we’ve finally got our wish. Not THAT surprising since the anime is reaching its climax now. How the Dark Flame Master(s) can walk around in black leather is a mystery to me but anything for the arts. One of them even already had a Yami Note as a prop. Which is kinda our main intention for the book in the first place.

Since I know this Dark Flame Master cosplayer personally and he comes with a Wicked Eye in tow, we managed to get him over to our booth for a quick photo shoot by reluctant but officially appointed photographer of the team, JUN.

Dark Flame Master is book-zoned.

See the difference between amateur photographer (me) and JUN.

  Overall, EOY was better this time compared to past years. Disappointment aside, the location was pretty good and the ‘free’ helps a lot in drawing crowd. Some fans and moving the stage away would have made it even better. Most of the time, we were shouting over the music which is nasty for our throat.

With EOY over and done, the next targets are the overseas conventions. GreenTeaNeko and JUN will be over at Comic Fiesta and hitchhiking (hijacking) the Surface booth with our stuffs. Xeph and Tragic Comedy will be over at Japan for good ol’ Comiket.

Me? I’ll be in Japan too. But a for a nice long holiday. If you see me, remember to say hello~!

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