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Sunshine Creation 56

Finally back from Japan’s Sunshine Creation 56 at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.  The official website for this event is here: http://www.creation.gr.jp/ .

Overall the event was pretty good. We manage to sell almost everything and the crowd was really huge too. However this time round, it was said that the crowd wasn’t as much as last time because Sunshine Creation event had increase from 2 events per year to 4 events per year, so naturally there will be a split in the crowd.

In the morning, we took the taxi to the event hall. Luckily, our hotel is in Ikebukuro so the taxi fee wasn’t very expensive. There were actually 2 halls, hall A and hall B and we were at hall B. We entered from the back door through the lift but there was a lot of people queuing outside of the hall already. Surprisingly, there was no security to stop people from going in but the Japanese were pretty automatic in queuing and slowly wait for the opening time. Doujin circles need to go and set up before 11am.

When the events starts, most of the people will be aiming for the “corner booth” first because they will sell out very fast and most of the time will have a queue, so our sales only picked up after while. I also took a chance to go around and see how was the event when I was not so busy. The event was purely for doujin and there were no performance or any cosplay content; so in Japan, doujin are actually one of the best attraction for the fans.

The event is only one day and it lasted only from 11am to 4pm. At around 3pm, people are already start to go to the delivery service just beside the event hall to ship their books either to doujin stores or back to their home. The delivery service are quite common in Japan doujin event as most people don’t want to carry all the heavy left overs back all the way to their house. Of course, we also delivered our leftovers to Toranoana when it’s about time.

After the event, it is free and easy to visit places in Tokyo. We had a lot of fun in Japan this time round and we hope that we can participate in the Comiket 83 this year again.

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