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Let’s do it!: STGCC 2012

ACME was epic. It’s the first time we managed to get a queue at all and the tension when the clock count down towards zero… ICDS was… well, just that, I suppose. Not too bad for a first time but plenty of areas to improve on. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and preordered SS2. You have goodies in stall for you.

Now with that out off the way, it is time. It is time to show the rest of Singapore what we can do.

It is time for CDS to rock STGCC

AFA is biggest anime festival in town. No denying that. But that is just anime. It is time to go beyond that and show the rest of Singapore what an indie doujin circle can do when we put our hearts to it. What better place to do so than STGCC?

This won’t be the first time we went to STGCC. We went for the first one (and got to chat with Mr. Vivian) and we fooled around as special guests last year.  And certainly, it won’t be the last. But this time, it is significant. It is our first major push to be recognized nationally as a serious (but still doujin!) art group and our product of the day reflected it.

But first! Let’s talk about the OTHER reasons to visit STGCC. (We leave the best for the last, ok?)

How many do you recognize?

Noizi Itou is the one illustrator/character designer I knew right away. She drew Shana; she drew Another; she drew the now-classic Haruhi series. And I so happen to have two artbooks of her stashed in my cupboard. Yes, her slot during the Walk of Fame is in my target list. Expect just one lonely soul at our booth during her autograph session.

Hmmmm~ I approve

Who is Kousaka Yun? I’ve got no idea but then, there is Google. Oh my god! Why did I not know about her earlier? I approve of this cosplayer and so do the autograph hunters among us. In fact, we might just produce something nice for her. In fact… just have a look at the thumbnail we used~

Last year’s Miku DJ party by Zaneeds was pretty cool (as far as I know). Throw in Touhou into the mix and you got a pretty l33t combo here. I expect plenty of Vocaloid and Touhou cosplayers to have epic dance-offs in the hall while they spin their records. That would be quite a sight to see.

Do you want to make money? Do you want to draw comics? Do both!

Learn more about the local comic artists and find out how you can draw comics for a living. Seriously, think about it. It’s the first step to having your own characters animated.

Among all those exhibitor list, there are also plenty of epic artists. Just go through the list. If you appreciate good art, there are loads of great artists plying their art there. Prepare to draw money and keep spending. And finally, we are one of the groups in there vying for your attention.

Superscenic 2 is going to be our mainstream debut. I shall say it off now. Original art is a hard sell in Singapore (Prove me wrong). You want your Sword Art Online badges (you are hoping I will announce a reprint, ya? Ans: No.) or your Reimu tapestry. Well. We will have those and more at AFA. But STGCC is when we want to do something different.

Superscenic 2 represent something special to those of us who remembered the early days of CDS. Just as we return to STGCC, this is a revisit of our roots and an attempt to do something liberated from the confines of the imagination of others. The illustrations within are our imagination; each illustration has a story behind it waiting to be told; each illustrations within are truly our own.

Save for those commissioned works, of course. Those are in there for us to show off.

So have you preordered? If you did, you got extra goodies.

For non-preorders, each Superscenic 2 will cost you $50 and it will come with a paper bag and a couple of postcards. For preorders, thank you, thank you, thank you. Can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you for your support and sticking with our attempt to do something new. Especially since we just hit the big 2k likes on Facebook, we are upgrading everyone’s preorder package!

On top of the A4 print, we are including three original can badges which you can pin proudly on your bag or shirt to signify your support for good art and indie talents. AND for those of you who missed the first Superscenic, we managed to dig out some copies of the first Superscenic. There are very limited quantities and these are only for the first few supporters who come to collect their preorders.

CDS is a team of diverse artists, each excelling in what they do and together, we shall sink battleships.

And if you, our pre-order supporter, had shared our post on Facebook or retweeted us, we are keeping track of everything. Two of you stand to win the entire set with autographs for just one buck. If you paid more than that for your deposit, we will return you the difference. Not that our autographs are that hard to get; you just have to find us and ask!

You may now retweet this Tweet.

Finally, just in case some of you don’t want to go to STGCC for whatever reason, please go. As far as I can tell, that $15 entry fee is worth every single cent of it. Otherwise, you can always hang out around atas MBS or visit Gardens by the Bay. You bet there will be plenty of cosplayers not entering the event halls and just loitering around instead. Talking about cosplayers, we will pay the entry tickets and give special discount to any cosplayers who attempts to cosplay our original characters. THAT will be something interesting to see.

And if you want Superscenic 2 from outside, tweet us.

Heck, feel free to tweet us or poke us on Facebook anytime during the event! As long as my handphone power lasts, we’ll be happy to chat online and offline! See you at the con!

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