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After the run: We survive STGCC 2012

We are back~ Dear STGCC, did you miss us?

Well, probably not a lot. STGCC is a celebration of pop-culture, west and east. The western fans might complain about the creeping presence of anime (that includes us, btw) but hey, Singapore happens to be in the Eastern hemisphere of the world. In this somewhat rojak mixture, CDS decided to do something new, something original and partake in this fun fusion pop culture convention.

Conventions are not always about the selling so while one or two of us say behind at the booth, the artists are also running around and enjoying the experience at the same time. Here’s a rundown of some of our experience of fanboying (and fangirling) at STGCC. 

Noizi Itou

No photography of the lady is allowed. According to the staffs present, it was due to standard practice in Japan. That totally ruin any romanticism the disappointed photographer might still harbor. They should have said that the camera-shy lady had requested not to be photographed since she will not be able to inspect and ask for photoshop. That might have invoked either a tsundere (Shana) or a cute, shy (Mikuru) image.

In before the vandals arrive

Well, let’s just then pretend that this image is her. Noizi Itou drew Shana on a canvas grafitti board at the back of the hall. As we drool over how we can try to steal it,  we all curse the vandals who insist on drawing on the same canvas. Maybe they thought they were restoring the art but leave that for the experts, ya?

We also managed to get her autographs. But still, it would have been nice to have a photo with her…

Kousaka Yun

With Kousaka Yun, we had a reverse dilemma compared to Noizi Itou. It should be relatively easy to get a photo with them. But their autograph, that is difficult. We could not figure out a way of getting the badge to her so we relied on the friendly staffs to help out.

You might want it. But you can’t have it.

The downside of that is that, well, we don’t do it ourselves! That’s not really fun, is it? Still we make do with our options. It was towards the end of Day one when luck struck.

So in the usual aimless wander around the hall and soaking in the atmosphere, I notice a Madoka cosplayer at the Piko booth. How many Madoka cosplayers are there? Took a closer look and then quickly went off to find Haimerejzero. This could just be the chance we are looking for. Once he was found lurking around the Gamersaurus booth, I brought him to the Piko booth when a small crowd has gathered. News of the cosplayers selling their Comiket photos were spreading.


Got in line and bought the CDs. She was so cute on the cover. Haimerejzero took out the other badge he had and revealed himself as the artist who drew the gift. Kousaka squealed in delight.  It seemed like the staff did their job of getting the gift over and everyone liked the badge a lot. She gladly autographed our copy of her photo CDs and even posed with it. Her copy for Haimerejzero even came with a little doodle of him.

I suppose, Haimerejzero can conclude STGCC to be awesome for himself now.

Returning to our booth, GTC saw the CD that we held in our hands. “Where did you get it?” he asked, not taking his eyes off the CD. So I led him to the booth where Hibiki and Kousaka are still selling the CDs. He quickly got in line and made his purchase. He had never gotten excited about 3D before. There’s a first time for everything and that’s an achievement unlocked for Kousaka-san.

The CDS booth

We were located all the way to the back of the hall. A pretty bad position in my opinion when I noticed that all the crowd are closer towards the hall opening. We will have to make do with it.

Our humble booth setup

It is not often that we can get most of the CDS artists down and it was a good opportunity to catch up with each other again. Not many people knew but our stocks of Superscenic 2 were only received early that morning. The day before, we were all at the edge of our seats and making contingency plans. That’s also the reason behind the return of the incredibly successful SAO badges from ACME. There were no plans to have those at first.

Finally, the stocks arrived just in time for us to sell and answer to our preorders. Of course, we had our regular auction of the SAO badges for those of you who did not managed to get it the first time. We spied a couple of bags on other’s bags during the convention.

Semi-Shigure, WaHa and Xeph’s OC. What about the rest?

Many thanks to Reiru for your drawing of our OCs! We have seen fanart of Xeko (Xeph’s OC) before but it’s the first time we received those of the other artists. Everyone liked them a lot. These artworks now reside at the bottom of our cashbox where it is safest till we figured out how to keep them properly.

Also an excuse to channel a bit of Chanxco

As a return gift, here’s something from WaHa. He was peering at your dA and Tumblr during the Noizi Itou panel and this is what he came up with.

Cosplayers! No conventions can be completed without them. Looking at cosplayers is very much part of our way of entertaining ourselves during those times we man the booth. Was hoping that someone might try to cosplay one of our OCs but no such luck. The next best will be cosplayers doing whatever fandom we happened to draw then. This time, it was Sword Art Online. 

Hey I just met you and this sounds crazy. Here’s some badges. Pin them maybe?

When we saw a really good Asuna cosplayer dropped by our booth, we quickly seize the opportunity to ask her for a photo. After giving her some Superscenic 2 badges as a token of appreciation, we retreated back to the booth. The auctions need looking after. However, an even better opportunity came about when Asuna came around with Kirito in tow. More photos!

Given the poor angle, we are obviously not photographers.

For humoring us, the cosplayers got themselves a full set of the Sword Art Online badges to pin on themselves. And pin them on, they did~ We don’t have photos of those though. However, I think this should tell any cosplayers out there to look out for our announcements if they have not already decided on what character to cosplay as. Here’s a hint: Very high chance of more Sword Art Online badges (but of different design) at AFA.

Yukkuri courtesy of White Canvas

As for Superscenic Two, I’ll admit that sales could have been better (for those of you who saw the stacks of books behind us). Yes, I mean it for real. I can blame it on it being original or blame it on the price, the location or even target audience of the event itself. But in the end, it just means that CDS needs to become even more awesome.

And so we will.

We would like to thank all those of you who had bought the book and collected your preorder at STGCC. Every time one of you come down to the booth, our hearts flutter happily that we have your support. Thank you. Do tell us what you think about it by maybe leaving us a message on our wall. Some of you might have gotten the first edition of Superscenic when you got Superscenic 2 from us. The difference in quality within five years is staggering, eh? Thank you for all your support and look out for the third edition (in maybe another 5 years time).

For the rest of you who have not bought the book yet, you can still get it at future events such as AFA or whatever beyond it. We might even throw in different freebies this time. I look forward to your support.

Overall opinion of the event

In general, STGCC as an event is not too bad though there are definitively still ways in which it can be improved on. The guests are interesting and as always, we appreciate the lighter touch they practice with allowing the guest to interact with the con goers. STGCC’s stronger focus on being an actual convention is also something I prefer. The venue is good but a venue with more affordable selection of food would have been much better. The usual price range of the food at MBS is only threatening to starve the already starving artist.

CDS’ next official appearance will be when we do a live drawing demo at Mandarin Gallery with Faber Castell (just like during ICDS) on 22 Sep. For those who have not collected your preorders, then is a good time. Otherwise, we will be at AFA if we get our booths with tons of new goodies. And we will definitely be back for STGCC 2013 because it’s too much fun not to be missed.

Maybe we’ll do My Little Pony doujins for the next STGCC. Idea…

2 Responses to “After the run: We survive STGCC 2012”

  1. - Megat Saiful Johar

    VIVA LA CDS! You guys were awesome! The people manning the booth were really friendly and pleasant, and only now I know that they were your artists! I personally think the location of your booth was strategic, too ; people could actually chill out and enjoy talking to your people there rather than being pushed and shoved to keep walking. I’ll always be a fan of you, Collateral Damage Studios. See you at AFA! :D

    P/S: The bidding was truly intense, but worth it. <3 my SAO badges. Regards, one of your biggest Malaysian fans.

      Oh~ So you won one of the rounds. Congrats! The CDS booth, unless manned by yours truly, are usually manned by the artists. If you got the time and there’s no queue behind you, feel free just to chit chat with them. And oh, given what you say, yes. At least there’s one strategic advantage of the booth location. I personally think that booth traffic can be better though…

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