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Adventures of AFA MY

Not the first time we have ventured to Truely Asia for events. We have gone to Comic Fiesta in KL at least twice by now and so we knew what to expect for any Malaysian trips. Uncomfortable coach rides, heavy luggage, cheap food and the need to mentally divide all prices by slightly more than two.

As you would have known, Murphy’s Law happened just before the event itself. That was not the only thing that went wrong. From hearsay and ever reliable social media, there was plenty of wrong going on for everyone. Luckily, there were still some right in there that justify us going across the causeway in an almost exactly 48 hours adventure. 

The biggest problem we faced was the lack of stocks. We promised Unlimited Touhou Hunter and Nise-monogatari Fanbook but Fedex diverted our shipment to Tokyo. So there goes our main bulk of stocks and our basic plan for AFA MY. There was less than 12 hours for us to scramble up an alternative plan and that’s what all those tapersies come in. It was not ideal but we’ll have to make do. To keep our optimism up, at least our luggage is lighter than expected (but not by a lot).

Long wait for the Initial D coach

The coach was fast and the inn utilitarian. We managed to settle down in KL at 5am in the morning and after a two hours sleep, it was time to set up booth at PWTC. Luckily, the inn was only 15 mins walk from PWTC and so we reached the venue faster than expected.

Don’t cry for us, Su-e-na-ga

Set up was simple enough. Not like there was a lot of things to sell with Fedex scuttling our plans totally. Mirai was obviously sad about our setback but we had to carry on with our brave, jovial front.

Brave front now. Ain’t no weepy, downcast look for us.

Given our lack of stocks, things sold out pretty fast. By 2pm, almost all our main stocks were gone. We had way too much time on our hands to either be bored or wander around.

We sold almost everything. Except Sayaka. Cos’ she does not get enough love.

Time to take up some missions a’la Pokemon Snap. For a while, I sighted a wall of photographers moving down the hall and we figured that since we are here, we might as well try to get photos of cosplayers.

Taiga cosplayer that random Morning Rescue guy pointed out

It is intimidating trying to get a photo of SP Cats. The wall of photographers is fierce and they refuse to bulge even after who-knows-how-many-photographs. You owe me one for this photo, Haimerejzero.

Since there is nothing much at night, we decided to explore KL.

When in KL, must visit ex-tallest building in the world.

Can’t resist the siren call

Our stroke of luck came on the second day. Our return coach leaves at 11pm but we should have just enough time to catch part of the concert. And we entered the hall just in time for Kotoko. Since photography is not allowed, you will just have to image the epic song, the swinging lightsticks, the pulsing light and the rumbling of the base. It’s not the first time we attended any Ani-song concert but this was good. If anything, this is the highlight of AFA MY, the one thing that made it all worthwhile.

No video from us but here is a PV off Youtube

How the organisers dealt with videographers was pretty cool too. It was getting frustrating seeing inconsiderate people trying to video the concert and this guy with a slight afro and hat comes sneaking up to them from behind.He then place his hand on their shoulder and spoke softly into their ears. I presume he is describing some very graphic scenes of violence since the videographers quickly deleted the offending content in their telephones. Big but sneaky ninja organiser then moved on to his next unsuspecting videographer. It was not loud (like what happens in Singapore) but it was very satisfying to watch.

And so that capped off our whirlwind trip to AFA MY. There were things that went wrong and there were things that went, oh so right. The festival area as a whole, could be better but it’s not bad for a first time. If there is another AFA MY next year, provided that Fedex doesn’t fail us again and no clash of events happen, we will most likely be there. In fact, we are already thinking of the possibility of going to Comic Fiesta (once again, provided that there is no clash of events)

We apologize for our lack of stocks at AFA MY. All the books will be available for sale at Cosfest later in July (unless we didn’t get a booth there). For non-Singaporeans, just drop us an email and we will settle how to get the book over to you somehow.

Let’s hope Kotoko decides to come for AFA SG as well!


5 Responses to “Adventures of AFA MY”

    If I cannot be at cosfest can you reserve a copy of the Nise-monogatari Fanbook for me?

    Your loyal fan.

    Yes, for our loyal fan, we can.

    謝謝你so much! ^_^

  1. - Shawn

    Oh, just wondering but i came at 4pm on Sunday only to notice that the booth was gone~
    I left one of my Kanade and Kuroyukihime art prints with you guys on Saturday. Can i collect it?


    Yes. Just contact Xeph about it.

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