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#CDS0036: Carousel Boutique

Bronies! Pegasisters! Lend me your ears!


Some say My Little Pony and anime don’t mix. We beg to differ. We (at least two of us) consider ourselves to be bronies ourselves. We love the story, the characters, the animation. They would certainly fit quite nicely in an anime and hey, it got localized in Japan!

So doujin time. After forcing our other hapless artists to sit down and experience the magic of friendship, we got ourselves into this project with some distinguished help from SBS.

We present ‘Carousel Boutique’

We asked ourselves. If Rarity gets her way, what will she make everyone else wear? What will she wear?

And these are our answer.

Featuring the works of TC, WaHa, Haimerejzero along with the artists of SBS, AeronJVL, Arcturian627 and nabiRAR. With plans to create a tote bag and badges to go with the doujin artbook, the tentative cost will be 20 SGD.

The entire set will be sold at STGCC 2013 (along side our Gears Phantasia / Touhou Steampunk). Watch out for epic clash of fandoms!

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