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#CDS0034: Darkness Note – Chronicles of the Ethereal Horizon

It took weeks but I have finally uncover the secrets of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai. At first, I did not understand it. What is this Chuunibyou? It sounds like a kiss. Chuu~ Kiss the bowl?

Then as I watch the anime, I was enlightened. Something came to me. The anime. Kyo-ani was telling me something. What? What could it be? Should I go kissing bowls? Will that unlock the dimensional door that allows me to go into Banishment, this world? Will it allow me to HNGGGG at Rikka from episode 5 without overdosing on the moe?

I was frustrated and then I got a whole bunch of artists to put my thoughts on paper. Together, we shall unveil this mystery of Chuunibyou and together, we shall put on such a flamboyant, imaginative display of affection for this crazy, cute and so nostalgic anime that the brilliant minds of Kyo-ani had animated.

Banishment, this world!

After much research, we have uncovered (imagined) much of what the world of Dark Flame Master is about. There were little that we can rely on, based on what the original book had told us. But there is nothing that can stand in the way of delusional hyper-imagination. If Kyo-ani won’t tell us why we should be kissing bowls, then we’ll figure it out ourselves. And you can join our discovery journey with what we have for sale here.

#CDS0034 collects our notes of the Chronicles of the Ethereal Horizon. From our investigation within our overly imaginative mind, we recreates the sacred text of Darkness Note. Within you will find the answers to your mysteries. Who is Catherine? What other forms can The Wicked Eye take? Komicer, WaHa, Yano (guest artist) along with other art contributors attempts to answer all these questions and more for only $10 per book.

Plus, not only is it an interesting book on par with the Necronomicon, it works great as a prop for Chuunibyou cosplayers too!

On top of the LEGENDARY BOOK, we have the <3 mug featuring two of the many cute heroines of Chu2koi. Two girls on one cup! No meme intended. The mug is $12 by itself and together with the book is $20.

Finally, the crowning glory of the set, the Banishment, This World! tapestry.

Meticulously done with WaHa, it is delusionally epic and thanks to at least 222 people liking the artwork, it will only cost $32 by itself.

The entire set of book + mug + tapestry will be $47 if you preorder. While stocks last during AFA Sg 2012 and beyond.

To preorder, email komicer@collateralds.com with your name and contact number BEFORE AFA.


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