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#CDS0032 and #CDS0033: Sword Art Online galore

You can’t get away from Sword Art Online. It is everywhere and the CDS artists can’t get enough of it. So this AFA, we bring you a whole bunch of SAO-themed products. From the small and simple to the very complicated and epic, there is something for everyone who wants a piece of Asuna (and now we know, Shinon).

Read on to see what we have for you!

#CDS0032: Sword Art Online Trading Straps

Your phone. Does it look really really lonely with nothing hanging of it? This is just what you need. From the artistic talents of WaHa and Haimerejzero, we bring you Sword Art Online trading straps to go with the badges or book that you might get from the CDS team.

Oh? Your phone got no place to hang a strap of the so-cute Shinon? We got that covered too. Since these are not ordinary handphone straps. They come with dustcaps to plug into the earjack of your phone and keep those annoying dust from clogging up the sound quality. Practical and pretty.

There are two methods of buying the SAO straps.

One: If you are not the kind who wants a little randomness, the entire set can be purchased in one go at $60. Limited sets will be sold like this.

Two: Most of the straps will be packed into blind packs. Take a gamble and try your luck. Feel them enough and guess if that little bump is Kirito’s sword or maybe it’s Asuna’s instead. Each blind pack will cost $6 while stocks last. Good luck, everyone.

 #CDS0033: Online Log: Sword Art Online Illustration Book Collection

 A collaboration between our Xeph, PeaCh from Surface and the awesomely popular Kaho, we present you a full 40 pages art book together with a series of mind blowing merchandise. Just to be evil, we are placing this product over at the Surface booth C37 instead. So you will have to go through two queues if you intend to get everything.

Luckily, we welcome preorders. So just drop us an email and we will hold on to one set of Online Log till you arrive. Email us at ohayo@collateralds.com with your name, handphone number, active email and the day you will collect the book. The dudes of Surface will guard your copy of the set with their lives. That is till the stipulated day is over.

So many things with the incredibly low price of $58. And that oppai mousepad.

Finally, following on his wildly successful SAO badges from ACME, GreenTeaNeko has released a second series of his badges based on the ALO and GGO character designs.

 Also found at the CDS booth. Don’t worry, there is no auction this time. Other than the special or limited edition badges, there is plenty to go around.

Now that this is said and done, let’s move on to the non-Sword Art Online goods next!

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    My wallet is ready.

    goddamnit just shut up and take ALL MY MONEY AND FEELS ALREADY QAQ

    the wallet already prepared! bring it on!

  1. - Cozy T. W.

    I’ll take a full set of Trading Straps the instant I reach the Creator’s Hub.

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