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#CDS0028: Neighbours’ Club Diary

The fact that the fandom here is Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is rather significant. This entire set of illustrations is a combined effort of a trio of unlikely friends. One hailing all the way from PRC. The other a regular visitor of Singapore but stays across the causeway. And the last one, our resident boss and star artist, Xeph.

When all three incredible artists put together their love for the fandom and their immense skills, this epic collection. #CDS0028 (or whatever label the other groups gave it) Neighbours’ Club Diary, is the result.

One can never have enough friends. That certainly applies to our ever popular Xeph. There is something very Sena about that.

2011 平坂読・メディアファクトリー/製作委員会は友達が少ない

Beyond just the CDS and local circle of artists, he is constantly looking outwards to make new frienemies and bromance. Joining two other foreign talents, there was a threesome of best buddies. In the ensuring orgy of friendship and beautiful art, a compilation of their love for the 2D was created.

Neighbours’ Club Diary (or Rinjinbu no Seikatsu Nikki for those Japanese purists) is a work of art from Xeph and his friends. Bringing together the three star artists from three different doujin groups from three different countries, they present to us one of the strongest collection of Boku Tomo themed illustrations.

Here you see epic long image

One set of $68 will get you

- 1 x B4 (it’s big, trust me) illustration book of 50 pages

- 1 x random omamori (Japanese charm)

- 1 x Micro fibre cloth

- 1 x A2 size cloth tapestry

- 1 x A3 paper bag

You can get the omamori of a random design separately at $7

There you have it!

All of which is full of beautiful artworks from the featured artists:

- Lead Artists: Xeph (CDS), PeaCh, North Abyssor

- Guest: KL, Kurot, El-Zheng, Tragic Comedy (CDS)

To preorder, just drop us an email with your name, contact number, email and which day of AFA are you coming down. Those of you who preordered will get two omamoris instead of one.

Having completed such a big project, we (most of us anyway) are excited about debuting it at AFA ’11 and would want to let everyone out there know about it. This, we cannot do on our own. We don’t have enough friends, after all. We need your help to do that. Please help us spread our message of friendship to all your friends and beyond. To do so, simply share any of our Facebook posts regarding Neighbours’ Club Diary on your wall or in any page/group.

Our request is of course, not without any rewards. Any fans who shared any news about Neighbours’ Club Diary will stand a chance to win a complimentary copy of the entire set. We will be keeping track of all the shares we get from now till 9th November 2011. At the end of the timeframe, we will select some fans randomly to give the set away. If you are selected, we will contact you via FB messaging and you will get to collect your complimentary set over at AFA ’11. (This applies for those retweets on Twitter as well.)

View the PV here! What extravagance!

So please help us share our news across the internet! Yozora and Sena commands you so!

16 Responses to “#CDS0028: Neighbours’ Club Diary”

    what do you mean by prc

  1. - Pirozhki

    Would you all be selling the book by itself as well?

  2. - Pirozhki

    Ahh I see. Thanks so much.

    Btw, I am high interested in purchasing the set but unfortunately would not be able to make it for AFA. Could I pick it up at a later date? Thanks!

    • - KC Komicer

      If there is any stocks leftover, they will be sold at future events. If you want to reserve a copy, please email us with your particulars and we will try to make some arrangements for you.

  3. - Benson

    Do we have to be at AFA to buy this? I’d love to get it, but I won’t be in Asia anytime soon…

      Hi Benson. If there is any leftover stocks, they will be sold at future events. If you want us to ship it to you, just send us an email with the necessary particulars and we’ll make some arrangements.

  4. - Zaken

    can I still buy this?

    i forgot to buy it when at AFA

    • - KC Komicer

      Hi Zaken. Unfortunately, we are all out of stock in Singapore at the moment. If we find more stocks, they will be sold at future events. Otherwise, your best bets is to get the set from Japan. Japan (of all places) still have our Haganai stocks!

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