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#CDS0025: Madoka Trading Straps

Life is a mystery. We do not know what lies ahead. It could have lemons. It could have chocolate. It could have lemon-flavored chocolates.

How nice it must have been to be able to make wishes and just get things right and confirmed. Too bad, there is always a catch somewhere.

Do you choose uncertainty or certainty with a catch? Madoka is the most prominent anime of recent times and these Madoka straps comes with a catch of their own!

They look so cute! I bet the anime is about cute mahou shoujos!

Each of the girls are lovingly drawn by Haimerejzero and printed on a 2-inch hard acrylic with a strap. So you can now hang them proudly on… wherever you want to hang it.

They will be packed individually in blind packets and you can try your luck for $6 each. Will you get Mami? Or will you get Homuhomu? No one knows till you open the packet.

Alternatively, you can buy the entire set of 5 for $35 without the fuss of not getting your favorite mahou shoujo in the first pick. It’s all up to you. ◕ ‿‿ ◕

They will be available at Comicsworld (or Cosfest) on the 25th (Sat) and 26th (Sun) of June at Downtown East! Grab them before they are gone!

4 Responses to “#CDS0025: Madoka Trading Straps”

  1. - Clare_

    Thank you so much for the Homura strap! [You guys are the one in the doujin tent right?]

    Hello! Yes, we’re the one the one in the doujin tent and you’re welcome! We really like good cosplay and yours is so good, it apparently brought tears to Haimerejzero’s eyes. I think we actually have a photo of you on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cds.sg). Come ‘like’ us and tag yourself!

    Thanks for the awesome homura cosplay.

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