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#CDS0023: Lotus Destiny

Epic. That is what we call this project among ourselves. And this is truly an epic when you consider how much time, effort and research went into its making.  Message2god is one of the hermit artist within us who knows and loves his touhou. His previous doujin with us was Tenshi’s Festival of Friends. Since then, this masterpiece has been in the makings for two years and we are proud to present his latest work: Lotus Destiny

#CDS0023: Lotus Destiny

Lotus Destiny tells the epic story of Byakuren Hijiri, the stage 6 boss of Undefined Fantastic Object. The story starts when Byakuren was young when she got to learn about Western black magic and started to see youkais up to her ultimate fate at the very end. Experience Byakuren’s life as she travels the land searching for her brother, fighting youkais, learning about Buddhism and growing as a character. Each episode of her eventful life is painstakingly researched and brought to life under M2G’s ink and paper, a magnificent feat that no one else within us will ever accomplish.

Have a few peeks at a few selected pages.

Chapter 2 extract

Chapter 4 extract

Chapter 5 extract

Don’t let that Chinese scare you away. There will also be an English version for those Anglophiles out there and we are also considering a Japanese version as well. As there will only be very limited quantities, better get it when you see it otherwise you might not see another copy on sale again… (I mean it. There will probably be less than 10 copies per language in circulation and most of us within CDS are already preparing our wallets.)

Involved artists: Message2God


A4 (Chinese edition); A5 (English edition)


SGD32 (Chinese edition); SGD 20 (English edition)

Sold At: SOY’C ’11 (Chinese edition); AFA 11 (English edition)

Availability: On-site sales

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