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Contact Us

For any enquires, email us at:



We also provide the following services on a freelance basis:

  • Concept art
  • Character/mascot design
  • Illustration
  • Comics
  • I.P. development
  • Fanart commission
  • Event organization consultancy

For a sample of things we have done, refer to our Facebook page.

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10 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. - Lyn Liin Sim

    To whomever it concerns,

    What exactly does your studio produce (eg. concept art, illustrations, comics etc) and where is it located?

    • - Evil_overlord

      Hey there! we are hired guns who love to get our hands dirty if the price is right! just drop us a mail and we’d be glad to look into your problems and provide a solution to them, whatever they may be…

  2. - Yue

    May i ask is there any vacancy for manga artist? Or is there any recruitment? I do draw and very interested in manga and doujin drawings. Please advise thank you.

    Hi Yue, thanks for your interest in joining us. We are always welcome to new passionate artists joining us. Please drop us an email so that we can discuss it over mail.

    Hello, my name is Wendy, is there still a job vacancy? I’m specialist in manga, anime, or doujin drawing, thanks :)

    Hi Wendy. Thanks for your interest in joining us. Drop us an email and we can talk over mail.

  3. - ACE

    Hello i am ace i was wondering if i could apply as a part time doujin artist in your circle i wanted to learn from you while contributing good things if ever i am chosen by you i am patient and i strive harder to improve my skills

    here is my beginners portfolio


  4. - Pixcel

    Hello my name is Pixcel nice to meet you i was wondering if your still accepting entry level artists in your circle i can draw Anime and manga and i wanted to learn more by joining and contributing in your circle as soon as possible (if im luckily shortlisted)

    thank you and i hope for a fast reply

    Here is my Pixiv profile

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