#CDS0031: Superscenic 2

Now with BONUS wallpaper for download!

The first Superscenic, #CDS0001, was put together by the original Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) artists back in 2007. It was announced during the first Kaleidoscope and debuted at EOY of the same year. A compilation artbook featuring the work of various artists in the group and some guest art, it was unlike anything else the doujin community had offered then. It captured the spirit of the young group then; the raw skills and talents along with an earnest desire to showcase their works to the public.

Five years on, thanks to all the support the community had given the group, CDS had grown to be popular and more importantly, better. Going by product number, we had produced about thirty products by now. It was time to test our limits and do something memorable to mark the occasion, something both familiar and different from what we usually do.

It was time for another Superscenic 2.

Superscenic 2 collects the original works from the nine active artists within the CDS team along with some commissioned works that we have done in the past over 80 pages of prettiness. Xeph, WaHa, Tragic Comedy, Haimerejzero, GreenTeaNeko, JUN, IdleErrant, Setsuri and Semi-Shigure. Some of them had been with the team since its formation while others had only joined as recent as last year.

Check out what lurks beneath the minds of these artists when left un-inhibited by fandom. Enjoy their individuality and their styles as they illustrate their imaginary worlds. Learn from the team’s experience of working with each other and working with clients to create some really pretty artworks.

Other than emailing us directly or visiting us during events, you can also get Superscenic 2 through more conventional means.

(offline) Buy at Basheer Graphics Bookstore

(online) Buy at Otaku Republic

The book itself will be officially launched at STGCC at the price of $50 on 1st-2nd Sep at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall. If you buy at STGCC, you will get the book and two postcards, all within a specially designed bag to carry them in.

The preorder price is $46 and it comes with an extra print. To preorder, simply drop by the CDS booth at either ACME or ICDS and leave your name/contact number and email. As a promise, you will also need to leave behind a $1 deposit. Yes, just one gold-looking coin. Then collect it on the day of STGCC itself. If you are unable to collect, we can make arrangements for you to collect your pre-ordered copy at another event.

Subsequently, Superscenic 2 will be available at future events that CDS goes to and, if we are lucky, some bookstores.

We are also giving away two fully autographed copy of the book for only $1 for anyone who helps us spread the word around. Just follow some simple steps.

1. Share our posts on Superscenic 2 on Facebook or retweet any Superscenic 2 related posts on Twitter.
2. Bonus points if you include a short write-up on why you want the book yourself
3. ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ us (obviously)
4. Pre-order the book.
5. Lucky draw closes on 31st Aug, 2359 and two lucky winners will be chosen randomly. You will get the autographed book upon collection during STGCC itself.

EXTRA: If we get enough interest or preorders, we’ll throw in even more goodies! So keep spreading the word!

BONUS: Now you can get the Superscenic 2 as your wallpaper!

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1200

You can also find out how Xeph did it within the book.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Singapore!