The Story of Aizawa Inori

On 6 Mar, Danny Choo posted an image featuring the different personification of the various internet browsers. Out of the three, there was one glaring absence. Internet Explorer. Our beloved (not) browser that everyone loves to trash. Not much people actually use it (in delicious irony, I’m using Chrome here) but everyone thinks it sucks. You would expect some stupid looking character to be featured but no.

So with this, something clicked.

You see, we were already looking to expand our portfolio for character design. This is something that looks properly challenging and this is also something that should be fun. And best of all, if we play our cards right, we might just have our chance of attracting big blue as a client. And so, here it goes. This is our story on how we grasped onto a possible concept and try to put our spin onto something that few people actually likes. Read more

Posted at 1:41 pm