Fallout AkibaExpo

A couple of months back, we got in touch with the organizers of AkibaExpo. Out of everything we discussed together emerged a contract stating that CDS will be a special guest to attend their inaugural convention. THAT was really cool and we’re really looking forward to it. It’s not everyday that you get to attend a convention and in USA too! We’ve heard really cool things about it and we wanna see it.

We are so excited that we leapt onto the chance.  GreenTeaNeko even did a simple AkibaExpo special comic.

Thus it’s a real pity I must write this article now to address this ill-fated trip USA for us.

It is REALLY disappointing to see all that had transpired since then. There has been so much potential and all with the securing of guests such as Bradio, Chelsy and MISA. Pretty cool for a first time con. We are actually looking forward to interacting and hobnobbing with them as equals. Then like a house of cards, it all came tumbling down because something imploded.

Who is to blame? CDS is not in the position to comment since we are probably not as affected as others. We did make a bit of a loss since we do have to invest something into the preparation. We’ve also bought our tickets to LA and those ain’t cheap. But dammit, we’re going to make do with whatever we’ve got. (Always wanted to go US)

So GreenTeaNeko and I will be in LA, California from 17 to 20 December 2015. There is no convention for us to attend so we’ll make do with soaking in the sights and sounds of LA. Maybe visit Disneyland or something.

We certainly wouldn’t mind having some meetings along the way so if anyone wants to meet up to discuss any collaboration opportunities over some coffee, we are more than happy to. Email us at to arrange something!

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Patreon update! Ella Ecstasy!

It’s coming to the end of the month again. This time, Ella joins the reward party. Sure, the wall scroll and dakimakura are still in the sketch phase but just imagine how pretty it will look physically! We will finish them up soon.

Support us on Patreon and you can get these goodies shipped over to you as your reward! If you are not into Patreon, then you can also purchase them directly from our online store. These will be added to the store once they are ready. Time to get some sadist fruit-bat-girl action!

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2015, here we come!

Before we realized it, it’s already 2015!

CDS has survived yet another year! Not bad for a doujin circle that is slowly evolving into a loose mix of hobby and professional interest. Yay!

In 2014, we’ve been to plenty of conventions, released a couple of doujin artbooks, completed a number of commissions including Seika Project for AFA. That’s quite a lot of accomplishment but as all things go, we can always try to top that.

Since the ‘in’ thing for new years is to make new year resolutions, perhaps we should make some of our own too?

Shameless self-promotion. Because we are drawing for this campaign.

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Trolling April Fools with Dream Idols

We have been teasing about it for quite a while and it is time to fully come clean with this hush hush project.

As 10k fans on Facebook seem to loom in the horizon, some crazy people within CDS decided to do something totally new for the fans. The Aizawa went well and it is time to top that. Plus if Daiyaku can do it, so can we.

So here we present the totally original, CDS written, illustrated and produced visual novel that, Dream Idol.

“Real or fake, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re in this together and let’s do our best!”

So the cat is out of the bag. Yes, it’s April’s Fool! Dream Idol is really ‘April’s First’

In fact, if you take the first few syllabus of the girl’s first name, you get ‘Watanuki’. Which is a fancy way of saying 1st April. 

That said, although it was conceptualized as an April Fools Troll, there is a genuine story planned for Dream Idol. Curious about what you did not see? Read on then..

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Get ready for Spring Doujima

What is CDS up to? Why so quiet recently?

Well, not much really. The first half of the year has always been pretty quiet for everyone. With SOY gone from the scene, the first half of the year is a time for doujin artists to relax, sit back, slack and psyche themselves up for the mad rush of events all lining up in the second half.

Well. Not any more! Bwahaha.

For now, we present: Spring Doujima 2014. Get your tablets ready for you gotta start drawing again. Read more

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Seasons’ Greeting

Well. It’s that time of the year again.

Christmas is coming and with it, 2013 is coming to an end.

Never a better time to do a simple end of year round up for CDS. It has been quite an eventful year for the team. We’ve done a couple of projects, increased our doujin strength by a couple of members and of course, scored a couple of achievements. All in all, a pretty good year. Let’s do the simple round up then. Read more

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Inori Aizawa – The sequel

It is a matter of time anyway.

Ever since THAT last post, there has been many things going on in the background. The response to our first few posts was pretty good and we were constantly adding new things to our freebie pack. We know that it has caught the attention of some people at Big Blue. Before we know it, we were talking and making plans. Things just grew bigger and bigger.

And now, a couple of months later, after a couple of us decided to throw in our lot, take the risk and see what comes out of it, here you have it. The results of months of hard work, brainstorming, arguments and hand-wringing. Involving a cast of many, many people from various aspects of the community/industry and with many thanks from Microsoft, CDS presents to you our greatest achievement unlock. Inori Aizawa. Read more

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Prepare for AFA 2013

Anime Festival Asia has always been that ONE event of the year that we eye very eagerly. For pure anime fandom, for all those anime stars, for all the fun, AFA still reigns supreme. This is that one event that the concentration of anime otakus is over the limit and for that, we bring you some of our bigger doujin ‘blockbusters’. Plus, this AFA is particularly significant too. You’ll see.

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Extravagance at Extravaganza

Extravaganza first started in 2009 after taking in three relatively similar art-oriented events in Singapore under one umbrella. Graphite, Ink! and of course, CDS’ Kaleidoscope. Two times in AFA SG later, we stopped. NUS CAS and NTU VAS went on to focus on their student body matters while us, CDS went on to do more doujins.

So it was with some surprise when the students from NUS CAS and NTU VAS approached us once more, three years after the last Extravaganza to be more involved in the exhibition once more. Well, why not?

And so, with one more organizer in toll, we delve once more into the mad caper of putting our little celebration to illustration arts once more. Read more

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STGCC: Friendship is danmaku

STGCC! This year sort of mark the ‘return of the West with Vengeance’ through the incredibly strong Marvel presence and who can forget that Ironman Hall of Armor. Good stuffs. Very awesome stuffs that tickles the fancies of geeks and nerds.

What about our usual base of otakus? The offerings are admittedly smaller and the Japanese presence, not as much. In fact, instead of a Japanese cosplayer, we got a Korean one instead. Not that we cared THAT much about their nationality. Good cosplay is good cosplay.

So these said, how is CDS’ STGCC? We, a VERY anime-centric doujin circle, setting up booth at STGCC and all.

Well, it went pretty well. This STGCC saw a nice little experiment since we chose to do something based on Western fandoms instead. So read on about our experience! Read more

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The Story of Aizawa Inori

On 6 Mar, Danny Choo posted an image featuring the different personification of the various internet browsers. Out of the three, there was one glaring absence. Internet Explorer. Our beloved (not) browser that everyone loves to trash. Not much people actually use it (in delicious irony, I’m using Chrome here) but everyone thinks it sucks. You would expect some stupid looking character to be featured but no.

So with this, something clicked.

You see, we were already looking to expand our portfolio for character design. This is something that looks properly challenging and this is also something that should be fun. And best of all, if we play our cards right, we might just have our chance of attracting big blue as a client. And so, here it goes. This is our story on how we grasped onto a possible concept and try to put our spin onto something that few people actually likes. Read more

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The EOY Quest

EOY is traditionally the last local event of the year that everyone ‘looks’ forward to. It is also the event with the inauspicious luck of always clashing with other events or having problems. There are plenty of problems and complaints about EOY this time round. The unfortunate act by a single investor and the amazing luck of going head-to-head with L2P.

Regardless of all the problems and complaints, as the End-of-Year, it signifies one last hurrah for the ani-manga fan community to get together one last time and as a tradition, CDS is there once more.

Unlike past years, it is free entry this time and at Marina Barrage of all places. They have also set up a questing system where you can win stuffs and scan QR codes. It is pretty interesting stuff for an indie-oriented, generally smaller scale event.

Before you read on to our experience this time round, one last announcement. CDS will be over at Comic Fiesta (with Surface) and Comiket towards the end of the year. If you happen to be in KL or Tokyo then, try and find us!

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AFA-thermath 2012

AFA at EXPO?! Wah. So far.

Turns out, it wasn’t too bad a choice. More space is good and nothing will tear the fans from a good AFA. There were plenty of fellow doujin-kas, plenty of customers and plenty of sales. There was even some variety of booths and some interesting ones too! We heard stories about things that happened at the concert but since we didn’t go for any of them, we are perfectly happy with this AFA. The only sore point was the absolute lack of Chuu2koi cosplayers. Where is the love for delusionally cute girls?

So rather than tell you everything about AFA, let’s talk about the lessons from the event (and Culture Japan Night 2012. Since that is practically AFA Day 4)

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After the run: We survive STGCC 2012

We are back~ Dear STGCC, did you miss us?

Well, probably not a lot. STGCC is a celebration of pop-culture, west and east. The western fans might complain about the creeping presence of anime (that includes us, btw) but hey, Singapore happens to be in the Eastern hemisphere of the world. In this somewhat rojak mixture, CDS decided to do something new, something original and partake in this fun fusion pop culture convention.

Conventions are not always about the selling so while one or two of us say behind at the booth, the artists are also running around and enjoying the experience at the same time. Here’s a rundown of some of our experience of fanboying (and fangirling) at STGCC.  Read more

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Let’s do it!: STGCC 2012

ACME was epic. It’s the first time we managed to get a queue at all and the tension when the clock count down towards zero… ICDS was… well, just that, I suppose. Not too bad for a first time but plenty of areas to improve on. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and preordered SS2. You have goodies in stall for you.

Now with that out off the way, it is time. It is time to show the rest of Singapore what we can do.

It is time for CDS to rock STGCC Read more

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#CDS0031: Superscenic 2

Now with BONUS wallpaper for download!

The first Superscenic, #CDS0001, was put together by the original Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) artists back in 2007. It was announced during the first Kaleidoscope and debuted at EOY of the same year. A compilation artbook featuring the work of various artists in the group and some guest art, it was unlike anything else the doujin community had offered then. It captured the spirit of the young group then; the raw skills and talents along with an earnest desire to showcase their works to the public.

Five years on, thanks to all the support the community had given the group, CDS had grown to be popular and more importantly, better. Going by product number, we had produced about thirty products by now. It was time to test our limits and do something memorable to mark the occasion, something both familiar and different from what we usually do.

It was time for another Superscenic 2. Read more

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Warming up for the run: ACME and ICDS

To think that just one week before the MAJOR debut of Superscenic 2, we have two more conventions back to back to attend to. When you have events so close to each other, you are just asking to be compared. Both compete with each other for attendees but to a certain extent, they also complements each other. After all, ICDS covers the cosplay aspects of fandom and ACME, the consumer side of things.

Either ways, CDS is going to both. Because we can and we do think that locally-run events are opportunities for the community to gather and worth supporting. Plus, we need a venue to take Superscenic 2 preorders. Read more

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Sunshine Creation 56

Finally back from Japan’s Sunshine Creation 56 at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.  The official website for this event is here: .

Overall the event was pretty good. We manage to sell almost everything and the crowd was really huge too. However this time round, it was said that the crowd wasn’t as much as last time because Sunshine Creation event had increase from 2 events per year to 4 events per year, so naturally there will be a split in the crowd.

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Adventures of AFA MY

Not the first time we have ventured to Truely Asia for events. We have gone to Comic Fiesta in KL at least twice by now and so we knew what to expect for any Malaysian trips. Uncomfortable coach rides, heavy luggage, cheap food and the need to mentally divide all prices by slightly more than two.

As you would have known, Murphy’s Law happened just before the event itself. That was not the only thing that went wrong. From hearsay and ever reliable social media, there was plenty of wrong going on for everyone. Luckily, there were still some right in there that justify us going across the causeway in an almost exactly 48 hours adventure.  Read more

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Anime Festival Asia Malaysia

Emergency update: Murphy law just happened. Unlimited Touhou Hunter and Nise-Monogatari fanbook got shipped to Japan by Fedex instead of Singapore/Malaysia. So no stocks for that there. We are le sad. TT_TT

During last year’s AFA press conference, it was announced that AFA is bringing good ol’ anime and j-culture love out of Singapore. Don’t worry, they assured us, Singapore will still have AFA. And so will Malaysia and Indonesia.

One year later, it is time for the first non-Singapore AFA. AFA MY features a list of popular artistes and content that is attracting the otaku population from around the region to descend onto KL. Like everyone else, CDS cannot resist the lure of AFA MY.

So these will be what you can expect to see over at AFA MY on the CDS booth.

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