Let’s do it!: STGCC 2012

ACME was epic. It’s the first time we managed to get a queue at all and the tension when the clock count down towards zero… ICDS was… well, just that, I suppose. Not too bad for a first time but plenty of areas to improve on. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and preordered SS2. You have goodies in stall for you.

Now with that out off the way, it is time. It is time to show the rest of Singapore what we can do.

It is time for CDS to rock STGCC Read more

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#CDS0031: Superscenic 2

Now with BONUS wallpaper for download!

The first Superscenic, #CDS0001, was put together by the original Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) artists back in 2007. It was announced during the first Kaleidoscope and debuted at EOY of the same year. A compilation artbook featuring the work of various artists in the group and some guest art, it was unlike anything else the doujin community had offered then. It captured the spirit of the young group then; the raw skills and talents along with an earnest desire to showcase their works to the public.

Five years on, thanks to all the support the community had given the group, CDS had grown to be popular and more importantly, better. Going by product number, we had produced about thirty products by now. It was time to test our limits and do something memorable to mark the occasion, something both familiar and different from what we usually do.

It was time for another Superscenic 2. Read more

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Warming up for the run: ACME and ICDS

To think that just one week before the MAJOR debut of Superscenic 2, we have two more conventions back to back to attend to. When you have events so close to each other, you are just asking to be compared. Both compete with each other for attendees but to a certain extent, they also complements each other. After all, ICDS covers the cosplay aspects of fandom and ACME, the consumer side of things.

Either ways, CDS is going to both. Because we can and we do think that locally-run events are opportunities for the community to gather and worth supporting. Plus, we need a venue to take Superscenic 2 preorders. Read more

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