Adventures of AFA MY

Not the first time we have ventured to Truely Asia for events. We have gone to Comic Fiesta in KL at least twice by now and so we knew what to expect for any Malaysian trips. Uncomfortable coach rides, heavy luggage, cheap food and the need to mentally divide all prices by slightly more than two.

As you would have known, Murphy’s Law happened just before the event itself. That was not the only thing that went wrong. From hearsay and ever reliable social media, there was plenty of wrong going on for everyone. Luckily, there were still some right in there that justify us going across the causeway in an almost exactly 48 hours adventure.  Read more

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Anime Festival Asia Malaysia

Emergency update: Murphy law just happened. Unlimited Touhou Hunter and Nise-Monogatari fanbook got shipped to Japan by Fedex instead of Singapore/Malaysia. So no stocks for that there. We are le sad. TT_TT

During last year’s AFA press conference, it was announced that AFA is bringing good ol’ anime and j-culture love out of Singapore. Don’t worry, they assured us, Singapore will still have AFA. And so will Malaysia and Indonesia.

One year later, it is time for the first non-Singapore AFA. AFA MY features a list of popular artistes and content that is attracting the otaku population from around the region to descend onto KL. Like everyone else, CDS cannot resist the lure of AFA MY.

So these will be what you can expect to see over at AFA MY on the CDS booth.

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