A cheer to 1k likes

Facebook. Love it or hate it, you can’t escape from it. Some of the CDS artists such as Xeph, GreenTeaNeko or IdleErrant (previously Manzart) have embraced Facebook. Others, such as ┬áSemi-Shigure had insisted on keeping out of that damn privacy-invading website. And you have lurkers such as WaHa who will visit the CDS Facebook but still refuse to ‘like’ it.

Ever since I, Komicer, figured out social media, CDS has been quite active among all the various platforms. Other than Google+; that one still confounds me. However, out of all, Facebook is where we are most active and where we share tons of the things that we are doing while NOT preparing for Cosfest X.2.

Recently, our Facebook hit a new milestone. Within a span of 2-3 years, we have finally hit 1000 fans. It’s not much compared to AFA or even others such as Ani-Culture or Radiantdreamer. But hey, it’s a nice milestone for all of us and calls for some celebration (and freebies)! Read more

Posted at 11:46 pm