The Making of Project Pimp Butler

EOY was over. It’s kinda fun but nothing particularly exciting. Save for one special project that was fun to make, fun to market and fun to sell.

So here was how the origins of Pimp Butler came about. Sometime ago, WaHa (and his kanojo) and I (the lightbulb) were discussing about a potential project for the future at Nex. “Old Maid,” I said, “Plus the theme of EOY is maids. They go pretty well together.”

“That’s a good idea,” WaHa replied, “We should give it a shot. When’s EOY by the way?”

“17th Dec,” I answered as I check my calendar, “One month from now…”

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Pimp Butler

Yea. That’s what the title says.

But never mind that. Who cares about the butler? Who we care about are his harem. His harem of meidos who we should have instead of him. How did that Blur King manage to amass such a harem for himself anyway? His harem is ours for the taking!

And this EOY, your chance have come. Read more

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