AFA 11: AFAtermath

Last year, I had my complaints about AFA. This year, none of those. Oh no, it was a totally awesome event. We had awesome moments plenty and we had fun. What happened to the ultra critical Komicer who is always so disapproving of large capitalist corporations exploiting our hobby?

Well, the organization for the hall really really improved this year. There were booths. A variety of proper, interesting booths. The decision to set up booth at AFA 11 by the various local doujin groups also contributed to the favorable, inclusive impression of AFA 11. And not to mention the fact that CDS genuinely had a really good time at AFA. And that, I hope, our fans and all the rest also had a smashing time at AFA.

Unlike STGCC when we can afford to act like happy kids running around to meet idols, we are, somewhat unfortunately, confined to our booth this AFA. So rather than a blow by blow account of how things went like how I did the STGCC post, let’s zoom in straight into the highlights of AFA 11 to us. For this AFA 11 marks a couple of interesting experiments and first for us. And the results of these experiments were really phenomenal. So much so that, I just really want to brag about it.  Read more

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AFA 11: CDS edition

The last post, we went through what the local community is offering to AFA visitors. It is time to blow our own trumpet. Let’s look at what CDS is going to have this AFA.

CDS has been with AFA since its start and it is something that we are always looking forward to. This year’s AFA came at a poor time when our artists are either having their exams or stuck serving the nation’s military. However, nothing is going to stop us from doing as much as possible to show at AFA. And here we have it! What you can expect to find at the CDS booth, F4.

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AFA 11: Singapore edition

AFA is big. AFA is hot. Everyone wants to be at AFA. AFA is when all those big name stars, idols, singers, seiiyus, all those big names in the Japanese animation and pop culture industry comes down to our little red dot of Singapore to entertain all of us. For a hefty price of course. But it’s a price, obviously plenty of people are willing to pay for.

While everyone else talks about them famous celebrities from Japan, as a very local doujin group, let’s look at what our local participants of AFA has got to offer. The land of the rising sun might be the holy grail but our local talents/entrepreneurs are also contributing plenty to AFA!

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