A Hetalia Day report from Japan

AFA ’11 is two weeks from now! Actually less than that. But among all those hustle and bustle of AFA ’11, let’s not neglect all the other events going on around Singapore. AFA might be the biggest name but it is not the only event that goes on. Other than big name events, you also get indie events such as EOY with their focus on local talents and this, Hetalia Day Singapore 2011.

Probably the most indie of all events, it was a genuinely grassroot event organized by a bunch of Hetalia fans, and catered to the rest of the Hetalia fans. Rather than talk about it myself, I’ll let the Black Label team tell everyone about how that went.

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Lessons from CXC

Comics Xchange took place last weekend and as I publicized in my last post, CDS took up a booth there. So did Daiyaku, Comics Pandora, Ice Berry and Sakiru. Us, the merry bunch of doujin circles (or in Ice-Berry’s case, doujinka) formed Team Anime/Manga within the bazaar hall. It should have been fun. It should have been wonderful. I wish I can say that truthfully but that’s not the case. There are some nice moments but that is not the case.

According to Daiyaku’s tweet, I am supposed to rant. Maybe. But let’s try to be positive here. This Comics Xchange, we took back with us a couple of important lessons and experience.

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